What would happen if Pakistan attacked Iran?

Fuel deals and saber rattles: Afghanistan, Iran and the West

Oh preacher, refer to the much quoted and incorrectly translated speech in which Ahmadinejad said in substance "Should Israel attack Iran, Allah will sweep them away" (or something like that).
This was then incorrectly translated by Western media and printed 500 times on the front pages of various magazines as “We will sweep Israel away”.
The reply, however, namely that the speech was translated incorrectly, rarely made it to page 15.
Apart from that, I do not remember any declaration of war beyond the usual political idioms by the Iranian regime against other states in the past 150 years.

In addition, Iran has a purely defensive army. A large, low-tech infantry whose main task is to stop a possible invading enemy until a diplomatic solution is reached.
The offensive capabilities are actually limited to ~ 100 missiles that reach Israel and a few thousand that fly less far.
Iran lacks all the logistics to carry out offensive operations, and I would like to say that the Iranian military cannot even hold out for two weeks outside of its country.

There are different views on the attempt to build nuclear weapons. On the one hand, it makes sense in terms of defense policy, as Georg wrote, but on the other hand it is also suicide to have a single atom bomb, while Israel and America have twenty thousand at their disposal.
This would be the ideal pretext to bomb the country into the Stone Age. And currently even 9/11 is used as a reason for war against Iran. Something like that always makes me skeptical.
For me: "In case of doubt, for the accused". Iran has signed the lock-up treaty and, beyond this, has met all IAEA requirements.
No other country in the world has signed this treaty. (Not counting pacifist Germany and Japan, which crawl under the protective cloak of America). Israel, NK, India, Pakistan, ... nobody cares. He's actually more of a joke.

North Korea will not be left alone because of its atomic bombs.
NK's atomic bomb tests were failures in which the primary detonator detonated, but no nuclear fission occurred. So they were testing a dirty bomb there.
In addition, what NK builds is as big as a truck and can hardly be mounted on missiles. The risk is therefore very low. Speaking of missiles. These also only function to a limited extent in NK and usually explode somewhere above the sea.

North Korea's artillery is aimed at Seoul, a 10 million city difficult to defend should 2 million infantry invade like in 1950.
The conventional army poses the danger here, not the nuclear weapons
In addition, NK has no oil and is therefore of no interest.

For Saudi Arabia I recommend the Wikileaks dispatches, which even surprised me what kind of warmonger Saudi Arabia is and that they have been pushing the USA to attack Iran for years.
However, they are America's best friend, receive billions of dollars in military goods and are therefore immune to criticism.
Germany will continue to do what Washington orders.

If any of you have other arguments for or against Iran, I always like to hear them and also change my mind in light of new findings. At the moment, however, see a lot of propaganda and very little facts.

Iran's problem is different: You are sitting on a lot of oil:
In WW2 the British wanted to have the country, but that failed.
Then MI6 and CIA put in a coup and deployed the crowd. The population did not want this either, rebelled and kicked him out of the country. That was in 1979.
Then Saddam, with the support of the USA, waged a war of attrition against Iran. In the Iran / Iraq war, poison gas was also used against Kurds and Iranians. That too ultimately failed.

And now last week we hear on TV how Iran is supposed to be complicit on September 11th. 10 years later. Whoever wants to believe that

I am sorry if I have only a limited share of your assessment of the political situation. The West is not "the good" here.

I want Germany to stay out of there and not start a war down there. We can only lose.
And what happens to the gasoline price Monday morning at the gas station, everyone can work out for themselves when Saudi Arabia's oil fields are on fire.