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Fresh & delicious: order fish online

Ordering groceries over the Internet is now a matter of course, especially for gourmets. But fresh fish? There are many concerns. That's why we wanted to know how it works, so we tested the six most important online fish and seafood suppliers anonymously. Our reviews ...

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Online fishmonger

German sea
Huge offer.
Delivery on the following day or on the requested date, depending on the availability of the goods. Outside of major cities, however, delivery is only possible from an order value of € 99. Then free shipping.

Assessment (school grades): Quality 1-, Service 2, Price-Performance 2

Fish buying house
Goods (Müritz)
The "Fischerei Müritz-Plau", the largest inland fishing company in Germany, uses more than 100 bodies of water in the Mecklenburg Lake District. Müritz perch, pikeperch, vendace caviar, plus aquaculture carp and sturgeon as well as marine fish.
If you order before 2 p.m., delivery on the following day is possible.
Shipping: from € 7.90, from € 59 free of charge.

Evaluation: quality 1, service 1, price-performance 1

Gourmet craftsmen
Hand-caught Breton sea bass, Breton sole from day boats, Italian octopus from wild-caught, blue prawns from New Caledonia in sashimi quality.
Shipping: € 12, free of charge from € 150. Saturday delivery € 29 (from € 150 order value € 17).

Evaluation: Quality 1, Service 2, Price-Performance 2

Johns fish, gurnard, whole turbot and seafood such as fines de claires oysters or scallops.
If you order before 8 a.m., delivery on the following day is possible.
Shipping: € 9.90, on Saturdays € 19.

Evaluation: quality 2, service 3, price-performance 2

The delicatessen focuses on smoked salmon and caviar, the range of fish (sea bream, sea bass, Canadian sea scallops) is usually flash frozen on board and arrives at the customer's place frozen.
If you order before 2 p.m., delivery the following day is possible, on Saturdays for an extra charge.
Shipping: € 14.90 (TNT) plus, depending on the product and value of goods, € 1.70 for packaging and € 4.95 for dry ice.

Evaluation: quality 2, service 5, price-performance 4

The online shop of the "Fisch Kalter" retailer, founded in 1959, offers freshly caught monkfish fillets, premium North Sea shrimp and yellow fin tuna in sushi quality.
If you order by 3:30 p.m. (on Fridays until 1:30 p.m.), the goods are sent out on the same day.
Shipping: € 10.90, on Saturdays € 16.90.

Evaluation: quality 2, service 2, price-performance 2

Tips for ordering fish on the Internet

  • It goes without saying that you have to be at home on the delivery date. But also make sure that you are not standing in the shower or vacuuming when the messenger rings
  • When ordering, make sure that you are dealing with frozen goods, which then have to be thawed gently in the refrigerator and, in the event of a late delivery, cannot be prepared in time for dinner.
  • Ordered today, delivered tomorrow - that works in many cases, but pay attention to some very early deadlines (around 8 a.m.). It is better to order in good time and only wait if the fish you want is not yet available.
  • If you team up with neighbors or friends to order fish, then you can split the shipping costs - or there are none at all because the order value has reached a certain level.
  • Almost all providers offer cheap landline numbers or free hotlines on their website. Use the personal advice if you have any questions, doubts or complaints.
  • Often there are recipes and useful videos on the sender's websites that show, for example, how to professionally open oysters.