In which Indian state is GST abandoned?

Dumont trip

Today you arrive in Agra. Upon arrival, you will be taken to your hotel to freshen up after the long train ride and then take a day trip to Fatehpur Sikri.

The built here with bricks made of red sandstone Grand Mughal Akbar his capital in the 16th century, which had to be abandoned shortly after completion due to lack of water. The city is still almost ghostly with the great mosque and all the palaces. You walk - just like four hundred years ago - through an intact, lordly city and marvel multi-storey palaces, various gardens, a market square, a waterworks, countless covered passages, stairs and terraces. You will experience Akbar's architectural masterpiece and see how the here the figurative architecture of the Hindus and the geometric architecture of Islam mergen. These red, very well-preserved sandstone buildings are among the most important examples of Mughal architecture.

Then visit that Fort Agra, an excellent example of Mughul architecture. The Fort Agrawar the Seat of Mughal rule and administration. It owes its current structure to Akbar, who built the walls and gates and the first buildings on the eastern bank of the Yamuna River. Shah Jehan later added the impressive neighborhoods and mosquewhile Aurangzeb built the outer walls. Visit the Public Audience Hall and the Royal Pavilions.