What are your only moments at MIT

Unforgettable moments during your studies

These are the five moments in your studies that you will never forget

You are at the end of your bachelor's degree and review the time again. You have seen a lot in the past few years. But what were the highlights of the course?

You are at the end of your bachelor's degree and review the time again. In the last few years you have experienced a lot, maybe moved to a new city, into your first own apartment or shared flat, partied until dawn and did your own laundry for the first time. But what were the highlights of the course?


The moment you FAST for the first time

There is the notorious term paper, the bad feeling during the presentation or the exam where you only know half of it. After 'delivering' your performance, you usually felt relieved at first, but the closer the end of the semester or the next appointment with the lecturer came, the more stomach ache you had. You just knew there was no escape this time, you had to repeat the event or the entire module. The deadline has come and, as if by a miracle, it was there: The 4.0. Certainly not a great achievement, but you were just happy not to have to do it all over again. Hallelujah!

The moment of your first student party

Do you remember what your first student party was like? Presumably you and your fellow students went to the next best student tavern, drank some semi-delicious beer and danced off a round. Doesn't sound that special. But it was. After all, it was the first time outside of your usual environment, with strangers and UNDER THE WEEK! Almost a little romantic, the idea that you went to the lecture in the morning half drunk, half hungover, the acrid smell of cheap booze and smoke machine smoke still in your nose ...

The moment of your first (and possibly only) 1.0

Not every student is allowed to experience each of the moments described here in their studies. The moment to get a 1.0 is one of them. The best was the feeling when the good grade surprisingly arrived (when is a 1.0 ever expected ?!). You felt like Jack on the Titanic, who was standing in front for the first time and yelling: "I am the king / queen of the world!". Nothing could stop you. Or is it? Unfortunately, the next exam also came and if you weren't careful, you ended up freezing in the water quickly, if you understand what I'm talking about.

The moment when you first met your roommates

Do you remember that strange moment when you first met your roommates? Sure, some of them convinced their roommates at a casting for a shared apartment, where you chatted (relatively) casually. But how awkward has it been for those of us who only met their roommates AFTER moving in? Maybe you got up like me back then, looked like the personalized death and suddenly there was a guy in the hallway who introduced himself as your new roommate. That didn't exactly make the best impression, but later it was all the funnier to remember it together.

The moment when you held your bachelor thesis in your hands

It is the glorious culmination of your studies, a moment full of happiness, relief and possibly also a little sadness. You have given everything again for your thesis and are now finished with your bachelor's degree. From now on it will be very exciting again, because you have to think about how things should continue in the next few years: For example, you can start your professional life straight away, travel around the world or do a master’s degree. All doors are open to you. Nevertheless, you are also a little sad because the people you met are going their own way again.

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