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Up-to-date knowledge of the main topics and proven methods in business and economics research is the key factor for success in both academia and business. Month by month, WiSt Delivers this knowledge by presenting and discussing latest trends and current topics on the basis of models from the business and economics sciences.

Language: German.

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Up-to-date and methodical business knowledge is essential for success in studies and at work. The magazine WiSt delivers this knowledge month after month. Highly topical economic topics are discussed and discussed against the background of economic and business models. In this way you stay up-to-date, know the sensitive details and quickly understand complex economic structures.

The success categories of the WiSt

  • IN VIEW: The leading article on the first page of content picks up on a current topic from the political and economic area and analyzes it razor-sharp.

  • Five scientific contributions convey knowledge that cannot be found in any textbook.

  • Opinions can and should polarize. In the changing heading “Viewpoints” you will find the viewpoints of experts in the form of interviews, comments and pro / contra articles.

  • Laws, effects and theorems with brief explanations create a perspective for the exams.

  • The current keyword explains new topics and important economic terms.

  • With the information for studies and work, economists keep their finger on the pulse.

Your Turbo for Success

The magazine WiSt keeps you up to date in all special disciplines of business administration and economics. You will learn everything about the current research results and economic topics that will determine the future. The plus for students: The WiSt prepares you for the exam. You will receive current exam exercises with corresponding sample solutions.

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