How does Metasploit make money

German authorities use Metasploit for penetration tests

The federal government denies that German secret service agents have taken part in special training units of the NSA on cybersecurity of states, which these offer as part of a cooperation called "SIGINT Senior Europe". This emerges from the response of the federal government to a small request from the left-wing parliamentary group.

The left-wing faction wanted to know which German services were involved in the training unit provided by the NSA and which software was used to train cybersecurity. Authorities of the federal government were not involved, replied the government and added: "Authorities of the federal government use the program 'Metasploit' of the company Rapid 7."

When German authorities check the cybersecurity of government networks, they use the Metasploit attack framework. This finding is a by-product of the NSA affair. In mid-December 2013, the journalist Glenn Greenwald published a scrap of information to Danish and Swedish TV stations, in which it was said that the NSA was offering a cyber cooperation called "SIGINT Senior Europe". This has led to some speculation.

By stating that Metasploit is the preferred tool of the cybersecurity authorities when team blue has to defend against red, of course, not everything is said and secured. In the official NSA promotional video, the use of Metasploit appears in the picture after 20 minutes, immediately after an explanation of how the encryption of the Enigma was broken by the British code defense. (vbr)

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