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Reasons Why You Should Eat Garlic

As we know, the white tuber doesn’t have a particularly fine smell. The typical garlic flag at your colleague's does not like smelling. But actually we should all have one, because garlic has incredible health benefits.

For a long time it was believed that garlic could ward off the plague and protect against all evil in the world; if it is cut open and exposed to oxygen for a longer period of time, it turns black and one thought it had absorbed evil.
It's not quite like that, but see for yourself what white toes can do:

Top reasons why you should write Knofi on your menu now

  • serves as a flower thinner and thus prevents blood clots
  • prevents heart and circulatory diseases, best combined with olive oil
  • contains a lot of selenium
  • Vitamins A and C protect your cells from free radicals
  • is considered a natural antibiotic
  • can improve your athletic performance
  • is very nutritious and low in calories

As you can see, there are only advantages to mixing the tuber in your dishes. But why does it smell so strongly and why do we perceive the smell as unpleasant?

If the flesh of the garlic clove is only slightly scratched, the plant has a natural protective mechanism in order to survive: it releases the intense allicin, which is responsible for the fragrance. Since the substance is transformed and decomposed several times in our organism, we smell it from all pores.

How to get rid of the Knofi fragrance:

Fortunately, there are some remedies for the unpleasant odor; For example, chewing the following foods after consuming garlic:

  • Sage or mint
  • Cardamom (as capsule)
  • Coffee beans
  • Lemon pieces

Garlic is particularly popular in pesto recipes. Here, for example, you can find one for delicious carrot green pesto (where you can also customize your garlic consumption).

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