What if Tom Riddle never created Horcruxes


Horcruxes (in the original: Horcrux) are objects in which a black magician keeps part of his soul outside his body. Whoever commits a murder splits his soul and can keep part of it and lock the other part into an object by means of a black magic spell. In this way, not all of his soul lives in his own body, but only part of it. The other part of the soul is safely stored in a horcrux. When a person who made a Horcrux of himself is killed, his soul remains earthbound because part of him is preserved in an intact Horcrux body. Therefore, that person is evacuated without dying. The remaining trunk soul from the now dead body can nestle in another body or create its own body capable of acting again with the help of another.

Such abuse of one's own soul, which even with a murderer never remains unscathed by his evil deed, is considered such a terrible black magic spell that it has been completely taboo at Hogwarts since Albus Dumbledore was headmaster there. It is neither taught nor mentioned in class. Even in the school library, Hermione finds the only information on the subject that a Horcrux is something very hideous black magic. However, she gets hold of the library books once removed by Dumbledore and learns:

  1. that the soul of him who one Horcrux makes of itself, becomes severely shaken and unstable.
  2. that a horcrux works exactly the opposite of a living person: if a person is killed, his body dies, but the soul remains intact, while if a horcrux is destroyed, the piece of soul contained in it is killed and the body can be preserved intact.
  3. that a Horcrux can only be destroyed by the few means that destroy something irretrievably, so that even the most powerful magic can no longer repair it. These include basilisk poison or the weapons made with it, as well as the demon fire produced by black magic.

Voldemort's Horcruxes

Usually even the darkest magicians make at most a single Horcrux of themselves. On the other hand, Tom Riddle, who later called himself Lord Voldemort, developed the idea during his school days to split his soul several times and not just create a single Horcrux of himself, but his soul in seven To dismantle parts - this is the number he came up with because of the powerful magical power of the number 7. Only a part of his soul should be in his own body, six other parts of his soul should ensure his immortality as horcruxes outside his body. The six murders required for this did not deter him. But Tom Riddle could not find out what risks the multiple split-offs of souls and the associated shocks could have for himself and his ever-shrinking soul.
It confirms Albus Dumbledore's assumption, hidden from Harry, that Voldemort unknowingly and unintentionally not only six Horcruxes made but seven: Because of the multiple tremors, his soul was broken when he tried to murder Harry Potter on Halloween 1981. One of his soul fragments came loose and was passed onto Harry with Voldemort's killing curse. Harry himself has become a Horcrux of Voldemort without the horcrux-typical black-magic safeguards. Neither Harry himself nor Voldemort know that (HP VII / 33).

As Dumbledore and Harry jointly discover in the 1996/97 school year, Voldemort has his planned six Horcruxes made in the meantime.

  • 1. Tom Riddle's diary
    • In which he lived as a memory figure capable of acting, turns out to be Voldemort's first horcrux in retrospect.
    • This horcrux was made by the murder of the Maulenden Myrtle in 1942/43.
    • It's a risky Horcrux, as it was designed to serve a purpose as well as preserving Voldemort's soul.
  • 2. The next Horcrux is that clumsy gold ring with the Peverell coat of arms engraved in its black stone.
    • The ring was passed on from Riddle's grandfather as the family heirloom of the Gaunts to his son and ancestor Morfin Gaunt.Since the Gaunts are the last remaining descendants of Salazar Slytherin, this ring not only guarantees the Gaunt descent, but also the direct descent from Salazar Slytherin. Tom Riddle stole the valuable heirloom from his uncle Morfin.
    • The murder of Tom Riddle sr. in the summer of 1944 the ring was made into a horcrux.
  • 3. Voldemort's third Horcrux is a medallion engraved with Slytherin
    • That Merope Gaunt inherited and later sold out of financial difficulties.
    • Her son, Tom, killed the wealthy collector who owned the artifact and appropriated it as the "rightful" heir from Slytherin.
    • The murder of a Muggle tramp in the late 1940s turned the locket into a horcrux.
    • Dumbledore and Harry overcame all the obstacles that were supposed to protect this Horcrux and actually found a locket chain. But she's not the Horcrux you're looking for. Someone with the initials R.A.B. came beforehand and claims on a piece of paper that he wanted to destroy the correct medallion horcrux.
  • 4. Another horcrux is a drinking cup that once belonged to Helga Hufflepuff.
  • 5. The fifth Horcrux is owned by Rowena Ravenclaw.
    • Harry finds out that it is Ravenclaw's tiara, believed to be lost, which Voldemort found again with the help of the Gray Lady (HP VII / 31).
    • Voldemort killed an Albanian peasant farmer; (End of the 50s?) And makes the diadem his fourth Horcrux.
    • Voldemort hid the Horcrux diadem in the Room of Requirement and Harry had it in his hand there before to mark another hiding place (HP VI / 24).
  • 6. Voldemort's sixth and final Horcrux
    • should actually be generated with the splitting of the soul as a result of the murder of Harry Potter, which, as is well known, failed.
  • 7. As a substitute, Voldemort, as soon as he can murder again, committed his crowning final Horcrux murder and made his snake Nagini the still missing Horcrux.
  • Voldemort himself does not feel when one of his Horcruxes and thus an external part of his soul is destroyed. However, he probably knows that the first Horcrux, the diary, no longer exists.
  • Only when Voldemort has lost all of the Horcruxes is he mortal again.

Destruction of the Horcruxes

  • 1. Tom Riddle's diary made Harry unusable with the help of a basilisk tooth (HP II / 17).
  • 2. In the summer of 1996, Albus Dumbledore was able to split Gaunt's gold ring with the help of Gryffindor's sword and destroy it as Horcrux (HP VII / 33).

When Harry, Hermione and Ron set out in the summer of 1997 to destroy Voldemort's Horcruxes, it is uncertain how many of them actually still exist. There are at least three, and the locket horcrux is unsure if "R.A.B." really destroyed it or not. About the Horcrux hiding places, they can only guess that these are places that Voldemort considered significant. Nevertheless, they manage to find the rest of the Horcruxes and make sure that all are destroyed.


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