Is Angela Merkel rich

She has held the most important office in Germany since 2005 - but hardly anyone knows how much wealth the Chancellor really owns.

She is considered the "mother of the nation" and has held this position for more than 15 years - but hardly anyone knows how much she actually earns.

Many assume that, since she holds one of the highest offices in the Federal Republic and directs important government affairs, she is certainly also a millionaire. After all, she is one of the best-paid politicians in Germany. In addition, she has not only been Federal Chancellor since 2005, but also served as Federal Minister for 15 years. A lot of money will surely come together over time. Or?

Is she a millionaire? Chancellor Merkel really deserves that much

Basically: How much Angela Merkel earns is not information that is kept in top secret in some archives, but is publicly available. The same applies to the salaries of ministers and all members of the Bundestag. If you google it, you will quickly find what you are looking for - and learn that Merkel, for example, according to the Federal Ministerial Law 25,000 euros per month receives.

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In addition, she is still entitled to half a diet, i.e. half of the monthly salary of a member of parliament, which has been due since July 1, 2019 more than 10,000 euros amounts to. There is also one reduced, tax-free flat fee of around 4,420 euros.

With that, the Chancellor comes up with one total monthly earnings of around 39,420 euros.

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Several million euros - that's how much money Angela Merkel is said to have in her account

As a member of the Bundestag (2000-2005), she had previously earned around 400,000 euros. She held the post of General Secretary for two years and earned the equivalent of 140,000 euros. Added to this are the 550,000 euros as Federal Minister (1994-1998) and for her membership in the Bundestag. If you add this up to her earnings from her chancellor years, you get a whopping € 5,536,000 million for the duration of her entire political career. After deducting the cost of living, Merkels should be estimated assets currently amount to around 3.5 million euros.

That's a hefty sum - but it should not be forgotten that this is not just any job. After all, it has to make important decisions about Germany's future and take responsibility for more than 82 million German citizens.

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