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Beyoncé Knowles: With this extreme diet, she starves herself into a dream body

In order to fit back into her old stage outfits after the birth of her twins, Beyoncé Knowles kept an extreme diet and thus starved herself to her dream body

In June 2017, Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z become parents again and welcome their two twins Rumi and Sir into the family. Just ten months later, Beyoncé is in top shape again on the big stage of the Coachella Festival 2018 and performs her greatest hits.

The singer took the music event as an opportunity to find her way back to her pre-baby body. A milestone that she set for herself. The reason: Beyoncé absolutely wanted to fit into her old stage outfits in order to be able to inspire her fans with spectacular looks - not an easy way, as the 37-year-old now admits.

Beyoncè Knowles: Starving for the dream body

Long awaited by their fans, the Beyoncé documentary "Homecoming" will start on April 17, 2019 on Netflix. A film about her Coachella concert from 2018. But not only the great performance of the artist can be seen in it: Beyoncé gives intimate insights into her private life - an absolute rarity!

She explains in the documentary that she weighed around 100 kilograms on the day her twins were born. Weight that she didn't want to get rid of quickly, but in the long term. Her great wish: to complete the Coachella Festival in her old stage outfits. With an extreme diet, Beyoncé wants to get closer to the goal of her dream body:

I don't eat bread, carbohydrates, sugar, dairy products, meat, fish and I don't drink alcohol!

The singer is not full during her diet phase: "I'm hungry", she confesses in "Homecoming". 33 days before her appearance, Beyoncé actually presented himself in a glittering stage look and was overjoyed to find out: "I never thought that I would ever fit into my costumes again and be able to move around in them!"

Trainer Marco Borges creates Beyoncé's nutrition plan

The man behind Beyoncé's great success is Marco Borges. The singer's personal trainer and good friend implemented his specially created 22-day diet with her, which made her fit for the stage again. His plant-based nutritional concept aims to help those who want to lose weight lead a healthier and happier life. The exclusively vegan recipes are also low in fat, sugar and salt, as Borges writes on his website. Beyoncé is now sharing a short video about her dieting experience on her YouTube channel:

Fans worried about the singer

The extreme diet worries fans of Beyoncé. Shortly after the documentary was published, it was already hotly debated on the internet: "We all want Beyoncé's body - but who lives without carbohydrates, dairy products and sugar?", It says in a tweet. Another user writes: "Can someone bring Beyoncé something sensible to eat, please?"

One thing is certain: it doesn't sound like a balanced diet and this extreme diet is by no means recommended as a permanent form of nutrition. How long Beyoncé carried out her radical weight loss program, she does not reveal in the documentary, but it is conceivable that she clarified her diet with a doctor in advance in order to avoid possible nutritional deficiencies in the first place. In the meantime, the singer should have gone back to a healthier eating plan.

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Note: The diet methods explained here do not correspond to a balanced and healthy diet. Please ensure you have a wholesome diet and a balanced supply of nutrients and consult your doctor before starting a diet.

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