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Trampoline test 2021: the best trampolines in comparison

Many children dream of having a trampoline in the garden. But when you buy oneJumping mat not only counts the price - there are also dangerous security gaps, as Stiftung Warentest found out in a large trampoline test.

A large trampoline is at the top of many kids' wish lists. No wonder: Hopping puts you in a good mood, it's a great sport, learning new jumps and somersaults creates learning incentives and ultimately the large cloth gives the kids (and us) the feeling of being as light as a feather and being able to fly for a brief moment.

But in addition to the great fun, many parents (rightly!) Also see the risks that the trampoline can bring. Because especially wild and courageous offspring tend to be cocky on the play equipment and the risk of injury increases. That is why trampolines have to be made very well and safely. This is exactly what Stiftung Warentest tested in 2019: a total of ten trampolines were tested in the trampoline test. Many models were able to convince - including a model for just € 190. However, one model was also rated “poor”.

This is how the garden trampoline test by Stiftung Warentest went

Stiftung Warentest has tested ten garden trampolines for the latest trampoline test 2019, nine of which hold the jumping mat on steel springs, one with fiberglass rods. Entering and jumping (35%), safety (25%) handling, e.g. B. Assembly and construction (25%), processing (10%) and pollutants (5%). The trampolines were bought in September 2018.

Trampoline test: an overview of the test results

Overall, around half of the trampolines were able to convince in the test, not least with good and even very good grades for safety. The test winners even include an inexpensive model for less than € 200. Five models received the grade “good” (1.6 to 2.2), four at least received the overall rating “satisfactory”. One model was rated “poor” and failed the test. Stiftung Warentest found some safety deficiencies and cannot recommend this model to others.

The test winners of the garden trampoline test at a glance

Assessment Stiftung Warentestmodelparticularitiesprice
Overall grade 1.6 (good)Medium Round R79 model from SpringfreeHigh safety (grade 1.1) thanks to special workmanship: instead of steel springs, as with all other models, elastic fiberglass rods hold the jumping mat. There is no such thing as an edge that is prone to injury.available e.g. B. via Amazon for € 1,549.00
Overall grade 1.8 (good)
Model Fantastic trampoline 300V from the brand HudoraPrice-performance winner: With an overall grade of 1.8, it also passed the trampoline test and that with a third of the test winner's price. The security is "good".The model costs € 379 at MyToys, for example
Overall grade 1.7 (good)Domyos Essential 3000 from Decathlon.

Even cheaper than the two winners and still “good”: It cost around € 190 in the test. Unfortunately, this model is no longer available in stores. Like its successor Essential 365 unfortunately we don't know.

the successor model is available for € 259.99 in the Decathlon online shop
Overall grade 2.0 (good)Comfort Edition 305 from SaltaIt received an overall rating of “good” (2.0) and is also one of the cheaper models. In the area of ​​“security” it was able to convince with a 1.4 (“very good”).€ 278.00. z. B. via MyToys

The four test winners of the trampoline test in detail

1) Medium Round R79 from Springfree

The test winner (overall grade 1.6) from Springfree is a special trampoline. Because the model gets by without the otherwise typical steel springs, which squeak quickly over time and, last but not least, can also pose a risk of injury. Normal trampolines are therefore protected with an edge cover around the jumping area, with the Medium Round this is not necessary, which is why there is significantly more space to jump. Instead of steel springs, the manufacturer relies on fiberglass rods, which are squeak-free, space-saving and more powerful.

In general, Stiftung Warentest could not find any security gaps in this model: There are no trapping points for the head or fingers, the jumping mat is very resilient, and the stability and stability of the net attachment as well as the strength of the net and jumping mat were convincing. Therefore, the “Security” test area was given a grade of 1.1. There was even a 1.0 for the areas “Processing” and “Pollutants”. No dangerous substances could be found. The points “getting on and jumping” and “handling” were each given the grade “good”. The only sticking point of the high-quality model: The proud price of around € 1,549.

2) Fantastic trampoline 300V from Hudora

The Hudora model also impressed with good test results and a significantly lower price (overall grade 1.8). In all test areas there was a “good”, for its absence of harmful substances and the processing it was even enough for a “very good”. The testers from Stiftung Warentest were particularly impressed by the special construction of the safety net. However, the longevity of the Hudora model was not tested so well: If the trampoline is left in the sun for a long time, the jumping mat loses around 20% of its jumping power over time. Therefore, the jumping mat should be protected from too much UV radiation.

3) Decathlon trampoline

The trampoline Domyos Essential 3004 from Decathlon scored almost as well as the model from Hudora in the garden trampoline test (overall score 1.9). Pollutant-free, well made, safe - and unbeatably cheap. The model cost just € 190. With an emphasis on cost. Unfortunately, this model is no longer available in stores. With the Essential 365, the manufacturer has launched a successor model that is not much more expensive. Unfortunately, we cannot judge whether this model can keep up with its predecessor in terms of quality - we have to wait for the next trampoline test from Stiftung Warentest.

4) Comfort Edition 305 from Salta

Another all-round solid trampoline (overall grade 2.0) is the Comfort Edition 305 from Salta. Like only the Springfree model, this trampoline received a “very good” (1.4) in terms of safety. This rating was also given for its freedom from harmful substances and workmanship. There was a “good” for “boarding and jumping” and “handling”. The model was also able to convince in the test, as it was quite easy to dismantle, which is recommended in the winter season.

The losers: expensive prices, inadequate security

That fell with the grade “poor” Model Premium Gold 10 Combi Deluxe from Etan in the garden trampoline test. This was mainly due to a lack of security, which Stiftung Warentest found in several points:

  • The locks that secure the net at the entrance of the trampoline leave a gap: a child's body can easily pass through here, but the head would get stuck. When asked, the manufacturer stated that it had changed the closures. Affected networks can be exchanged.
  • But that is not the only security gap: the jumping mat comes dangerously close to the ground when it is heavy. However, Etan specifies a maximum user weight of 150 kg. After the test, the manufacturer announced that the user weight has now been reduced from 150 to 100 kg.

Familie.de purchase advice for trampolines

No matter how good the test results of your trampoline are, safety stands and falls with its users. If you follow a few rules, you can keep the risk of injury to a minimum.

  • Not for the very little ones: Children under the age of six should rather wait for their first attempts at jumping on the trampoline. You don't have the necessary coordination. In addition, the throwing power is very strong compared to the low weight. (Yes, we know how unrealistic that is. ;-))
  • Only one at a time: When several children are jumping at the same time, collisions and nasty injuries can easily occur. (Yes, yes, of course, but it doesn't hurt to point it out!)
  • Only under supervision: Parents should keep an eye on their little kangaroos as they hop. So you can act immediately if something does happen.
  • No frills: No toys should be lying around on the trampoline. We all know the pain when we step on Lego blocks - we don't even want to imagine what it's like to jump on a plastic car.
  • Shoes from: It is best to hop on stopper socks.
  • Off to the middle: Explain to your kids that it's best to hop in the middle. This is where the risk of injury is lowest.
  • Close the door: The entrance to the net of your trampoline should be closed when jumping.

Source: Stiftung Warentest

My conclusion

Not only the youngsters can really benefit from a trampoline, but we adults too. After all, many models can be loaded up to 150 kg, so we can easily work out from there. The training is extremely effective: around 400 muscles work while we repeatedly catapult ourselves into the air. According to experts, ten minutes of trampoline jumping is as demanding as 30 minutes of jogging. In this way the cardiovascular system is trained and our balance is challenged at the same time. But hopping is not only good for the body: jumping on a trampoline relieves stress and simply makes you happy. A great device for the whole family! However, caution is advised in the period after giving birth - in many mothers' pelvic floor the pelvic floor does not yet go along with the wild jumping. So first slowly test it!

Image source: Getty Images / Martinan, Amazon, mytoys, Decathlon

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