Know what acupuncture meridian is

TCM acupuncture meridian massage

AMM: What is the treatment like?

The most striking tool of the AMM ft TCM therapist is a special metal stick with which he massages your meridians and acupuncture points. In addition to the Chinese tongue and pulse diagnostics, the therapist often also uses the ear to collect the findings: It can provide precise conclusions about your current energetic state of health. In order to restore your energetic balance, it can happen that the AMM ft TCM treatment is not carried out directly in the areas that show pain or discomfort, but in completely different regions.

Treatment with the AMM swab can be supplemented by other therapeutic measures: e.g. cupping, scraping, magnetic therapy, moxa or gentle therapy currents. Joint misalignments, static spine problems or blocked sacrum-iliac joints / sacroiliac joints (KDG / ISG) are often the cause of complaints. They can disrupt the flow of energy and are treated gently as part of the AMM ft TCM. You can stabilize the success of your treatment with targeted exercises that you carry out yourself at home. The acupuncture meridian massage works without needles and is free of harmful side effects. Due to the bloodless treatment, the AMM H TCM is particularly suitable for toddlers, people who fear needles, for diabetics (diabetes) and for
Recommended for lymphedema.

Areas of application of the AMM ft TCM

The acupuncture meridian massage can help with many ailments - however, it is not a panacea and cannot work miracles. However, AMM and TCM treatments have often shown miraculous results. The World Health Organization (WHO) advocates acupuncture treatment for a variety of indications. These indications can also be implemented on the AMM, as it is based on the same laws and principles as needle acupuncture. The AMM is a very good alternative, especially in the case of acute inflammation, where massages or physiotherapy are often not possible because they could be too irritating.

The AMM works well for diseases caused by functional disorders. Migraines, spinal problems, neuralgia, rheumatic diseases and diseases of the joints respond well to AMM. Since the AMM affects the whole person, several disorders can be influenced at the same time. As a positive side effect of the therapy, digestive problems or sleep problems can normalize.

Wrong eating habits can still unbalance the flow of energy. Your AMM ft TCM therapist will be happy to explain the thermal and taste effects of food and drinks to you, so that you yourself have the opportunity to influence your energy balance. Every meal is an energetic intervention in the energy balance.