Can cure weight loss diabetes

Healed diabetics are not registered at all

Now it is also the case that the number of those diabetics who suddenly no longer need any medication could actually be somewhat higher, but these cured cases are not registered at all because there are no guidelines or criteria for when a Diabetic is no longer a diabetic. It is well known that the majority of doctors are not so interested in cured patients. It can happen that one forgets to register a diabetes cure accordingly.

Nonetheless, the main reason for the low number of diabetics cured is that such a cure is actually very rare. But why? If only you had to lose some weight? Very easily:

Anyone who thinks they are terminally ill is not very motivated

Most diabetics have no motivation to do anything about diabetes. That is understandable. After all, you are constantly told that the disease is incurable, that it would last a lifetime one way or another and that you have to take medication permanently.

However, the more diabetics found out that they could cure their diabetes on their own, could enjoy their life again without medication and no longer have to fear the complications of diabetes, the more diabetes cures there would be. So if you know a type 2 diabetic, give them this article to read - and if you are a type 2 diabetic yourself, what are you waiting for?

Diabetes is curable - what should be done?

If you have type 2 diabetes or the precursors of one (insulin resistance / prediabetes) and are overweight at the same time, do everything you can to reduce this excess weight.

1. Lose weight

Go to your doctor and ask him to assist you on this matter. Attend an overweight or obesity support group where participants motivate each other, support each other during temporary lows, and celebrate their successes together. Or look for a nutritionist who can help you lose weight and put together a nutrition plan that is right for you.

Apart from that, you will automatically lose weight thanks to the implementation of the following points.

2. Change of diet and lifestyle

If you are a type 2 diabetic and are not overweight, changing your diet and lifestyle will help you too. Because obesity is not the sole cause of diabetes, but a contributory cause. Consider the following points:

  1. Check medication: If you take any other medicines besides your diabetes medication, look at the package insert, because some medications (e.g. statins, cortisone, antipsychotics, etc.) can increase the blood sugar level and cause diabetes in the long term. Discuss with your doctor whether you need this medication at all and, if so, whether there are more tolerable alternatives. Always get a second opinion, e.g. B. from your pharmacist or an alternative practitioner.
  2. Healthy eating: From now on you can eat healthy, rich in vital substances and excess alkaline. You can read how to do this here: The rules of healthy eating. A plant-based diet is ideal because, in contrast to animal foods, plant-based foods have proven to be beneficial for diabetes, regardless of whether they were fruits, soy products, green leafy vegetables, onions, nuts, broccoli or plant-based proteins. Meat, on the other hand, is considered a risk factor for diabetes.
  3. Lower blood sugar levels naturally: We have described how you can lower your blood sugar level with carefully selected foods: Lower blood sugar naturally
  4. Smoothies: You can also incorporate smoothies into your diet for people with diabetes: Smoothies for people with diabetes
  5. No sweeteners: Avoid sweeteners, as they can still promote diabetes! A sweetener that would be possible in diabetes is z. B. the yacon syrup. With a healthy lifestyle and diet, however, you will have less and less desire for sweets. After all, why should you want to eat something that is not good for you?
  6. Purification cure: If you find it difficult to change your diet, sign up for the four-week detox treatment. This is a four-week program that shows you how you can conjure up delicious, wholesome meals from healthy and fresh ingredients - without having to spend a lot of time. After completing the detox regimen, you will understand how healthy eating works. The detox cure does not cost you 30 euros and does not require any finished products, shakes or other additional products.
  7. Fast: Certain forms of fasting are also conceivable in diabetes. You can find information on this here: Fasting for Diabetes
  8. Restore intestinal flora: Restore your intestinal flora, because an out of balance intestinal flora can not only promote diabetes, but also promote obesity, which now even more promotes diabetes: Diseased intestinal flora promotes diabetes.
  9. Vital substances: Take precisely those dietary supplements that you personally need. Here we present vital substances that have been shown to be particularly helpful in diabetes, including a proposal for an intake protocol: vital substances in diabetes. Because remember: If you suffer from a vitamin D deficiency, simply taking the right dose of vitamin D can lower your blood sugar (including long-term blood sugar).
  10. Curcumin:Curcumin is another natural remedy that can bring the moment of goodbye to your diabetes closer: Curcumin for diabetes
  11. Move: Of course, exercise is also part of diabetes therapy. Yes, exercise is just as important as eating right. Find the sport that suits you and get started!

We wish you all the best - your team from the center of health!


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