Are overloaded trucks dangerous on the road?

Catalog of Fines: Overloading - Fines for Heavy Cars & Trucks

Fines for overloading cars and trucks in the fines catalog

You can find the current one here Catalog of fines overload 2021who defines the fines for disregarding the loading regulations.

Car overloaded (driver and owner)
over 5%10 EUR
over 10 %30 EUR
over 15%35 EUR
over 20 %95 EUR1
over 25%140 EUR1
over 30 %235 EUR1

The following table shows the fine for truck overloading.

Overloaded trucks - penalties for the Driver
2 to 5%30 EUR
over 5%80 EUR1
over 10 %110 EUR1
over 15%140 EUR1
over 20 %190 EUR1
over 25%285 EUR1
over 30 %380 EUR1
Overloaded trucks - penalties for the Holder
2 to 5%35 EUR
over 5%140 EUR1
over 10 %235 EUR1
over 15%285 EUR1
over 20 %380 EUR1
over 25%425 EUR1

Fine calculator: Overload

Specific information on charging and overcharging

Briefly & simply explained: the overloading of vehicles

Overloading the vehicle: a source of danger in road traffic. What are the penalties?

A overloaded car endangers road safety. That's why there is Fines for overload and even points in Flensburg. It is true that you have to overcharge your car according to traffic lawno driving ban fear, but they Table of fines provides for fines of up to 425 euros, and these are a heavy burden on the wallet.

With a Fine calculator you can easily calculate the penalties for exceeding the speed limit - but what are the penalties for Overload determined?

Find out here the weight of your vehicle from which overloading begins and which individual penalties apply. Find out why Overload so dangerous is and how to avoid it. If you follow the rules for charge adhere to, you not only protect yourself and others in traffic, but you also do not have to be sanctioned or imposed Penalty notice fear.

If there is any suspicion, it will be weighed

An overloaded motor vehicle - be it an overloaded one Car, an overloaded truck, an overloaded one Camper or a combination of Cars and trailersthat exceeds the permissible trailer load - is noticeable in road traffic: The vehicle could fall into swerve advised, or literally from its burden lowered become. Also the tirespossibly leave a Overuse or overloaddetect.

The fact is: the more overloaded the vehicle, the easier it is for police officers to recognize overloading! You request the vehicle owner from one Suspicion against a violation of the StVO, one Weighing the car to attend.

This is done with a mobile scale. If it turns out that the vehicle was too heavy, there is a risk of fines and points in Flensburg. You are only allowed to continue driving when you have reduced the weight of your vehicle, which should not be easy to achieve on the way!

You will be banned from driving the car until the overload has been eliminated. You must not continue driving with it overloaded. Is the Trailer overloaded, or the truck is overloaded, the same rules listed in the Road Traffic Regulations apply Fines and Points in Flensburg. Depending on that permissible total weight and the percentage Overload different levels of the penalty apply to the vehicle. In order to understand the often complicated regulations of the catalog of fines, the use of one is advisable Fine calculator at.

When does the overload start?

The StVO stipulates when a car, truck or mobile home is considered overloaded. In order to determine what load your vehicle can take without being overloaded according to traffic law, you need to know the gross vehicle weight (also known as the gross vehicle weight) of your car. You can find this information in the registration certificate for your vehicle. An average car usually weighs up to 2.8 t. However, some car models should also weigh a little more, as well as mobile homes, vans or trucks, since their empty weight is much heavier. But if the truck is overloaded, the penalty is much higher.

Take particular care that the trailer load on the car does not lead to overloading! Trailers also have a maximum permissible total mass that must not be exceeded. Otherwise, the penalties that apply in the event of an overload also apply here: fines and points on your Flensburg points account. They are set out in the catalog of fines.

What are the penalties?

According to the current one Catalog of fines will be the following penalties for Overloading a trailer due if this one permissible total mass of up to 2000 kg. Also note that the owner of the vehicle also has a Penalty notice can get if the vehicle driver against the StVO has violated and that permissible total weight of the vehicle has exceeded.

The overloading of vans, trucks or cars is carried out with Points in Flensburg and Fines sanctioned, but not with one Driving ban. You can see the respective fine for overloading in the current Catalog of fines read up. The following example is based on the StVO and the catalog of fines. With a Fine calculator you can also calculate how high the fine will be.

  • Weighs the trailer up to 100 kg more than permissible, i.e. up to 2100 kg - which is an overload of five percent corresponds - to be 10 euros fine due.
  • Does he weigh between 100 and 200 kg more as maximum permissible - i.e. up to 2200 kg, which is an overload of ten percent corresponds - to be 30 euros fine due.
  • Does he weigh between 400 and 500 kg more as maximum permissible - i.e. up to 2500 kg, which is an overload of 25 percent corresponds - to be 140 euros fine due. In addition, both the owner of the vehicle and the vehicle driver receive one point in the register of offenders in Flensburg!

The higher the permissible total weight, the higher the penalties for overloading

Cars with a gross vehicle weight of up to 7.5 t are only threatened with a point in Flensburg if they are overloaded by 20 percent. However, the higher the permissible total weight of the vehicle in question, the more sensitive the penalties become, as can be seen from the table of fines.

Without a point in Flensburg You can only get away with it if your vehicle, which in this example should have a permissible total weight of over 7.5 t, below a limit of five percent is overloaded. A truck, which may have a permissible total weight of 8 t, may in no case be more than 400 kg overloaded its what an overload of five percent corresponds to. Because even then there is a point in Flensburg and the corresponding fine.

The following is particularly problematic for a fully loaded truck: You are allowed to overload do not go any further! The disposal the overload can be very problematic and the journey for longer time interrupt. Keep that too Trailer load in view: it is Trailer overloaded, i.e. if the permissible trailer load is exceeded, this applies to the driver and possibly also to the owner of the towing vehicle Fines at.

Penalties or fines for overcharging for vehicle owners and drivers

Does your vehicle have an approved Total weight of over 7.5 t, and during a check an overload is found, then not only the Vehicle driver, but also the Vehicle owner burdened with a fine, which in any case even exceeds that of the driver!

Must the vehicle driver in the event of an overload of 20 percent190 euros pay - and one point Add to his account in Flensburg - the vehicle owner will be charged almost twice as much with a fine of 380 euros.

The vehicle owner also receives a point in Flensburg. In the event of overload, however, you do not have to expect a driving ban. In any case, you will receive a maximum of one single point in Flensburg. If you have accumulated eight points, your driver's license will be revoked. With a Fine calculator you can also calculate the financial costs of the individual offenses.

What makes overcharging so dangerous?

What's this Dangerous in case of overload? Cars and mobile homes are particularly not on high loads designed, but a truck with too large a load also endangers road safety. That is why the catalog of fines sanctions overloading. It is not without reason that the overload is not only listed in the table of fines and with fines and often also one Point occupied in Flensburg, but also an important issue in traffic law. Overloading the vehicle harbors the following dangers, for example:

  • The Brakes do not work as usual when overloaded. The vehicle is too heavy to brake normally. The catalog of fines sanctions precisely those offenses that endanger the Traffic safety contribute. If the car is overloaded because the gross vehicle weight has been exceeded, the catalog of fines sets high fines.
  • This also applies to the tirescaused by overload damage could take. It is also no longer guaranteed that they are optimal Stop give on the street. It is therefore not surprising that the penalties in the table of fines increase the more the permissible total weight is exceeded!
  • If the vehicle is overloaded, the load is often too not properly secured, because it too little storage space for them there. At a Emergency braking objects can significantly affect the driver and his passengers violate and also distract the driver, so an increased Accident risk arises.
  • The vehicle is only up to a certain load functioning. Overcharging threatens Vary of the vehicle unbalanced loads, or a "swerve" within Curves. This also contributes acutely to the risk of accidents.

Check the vehicle for overload before going on holiday

The increased Risk of accident and you should definitely avoid the penalties that you will face. After all, that is the receipt of one Penalty notice a avoidable experience, and the points in Flensburg can accumulate and sooner or later even become one Driving ban to lead.

But what detect You the overload? For example, you can use a van, car or mobile home in someTÜV workshopsto weigh to let. This is not the rule, however, so find out beforehand where you can use this service in your area.

In front of a Vacation trip can a Weighing the car be useful so that the ride without fear in one overloaded vehicle to sit and thus violate the StVO, can be undertaken. Especially those too Towing loads of the car you should keep an eye on.

You have to observe the rules for overloading not only on roads within Germany, also in the foreign countries Overloading may result in penalties which, however, may differ from the German regulations. You can avoid receiving a fine by checking the weight of your vehicle before driving. A particularly problematic side effect of overloading: mobile homes, cars, trucks, trailers or vans are not allowed to continue driving as long as the inadmissible load has not been removed.

Traveling with the motorhome - be careful of overloading

Especially if you are familiar with the Camper You should take your vehicle away before you go on a long journey to weigh let to a Overload to exclude. Public scales can also be found, for example, in Disposal systems. For a fee of up to eight euros you can have your car weighed there and make sure that your caravan is not overloaded.

This is true cheaper as a fine, but unfortunately there is not very many public scales in Germany, so the getting there is possibly very far. If you are traveling with a trailer, don't forget that Trailer load check to get one Penalty notice and to avoid violations of traffic law that lead to points in Flensburg.

Check the weight before driving

You can weigh trucks at the relevant loading stations. This is absolutely necessary as there are penalties for vehicles with a permissible total mass of over 7.5 t very quickly at several hundred euros lie. Even if there is no threat of a driving ban - the Catalog of fines provides for points in Flensburg in addition to the fines. The traffic safety should through the StVO guaranteed, which is why overloading is listed and sanctioned there. Not only the driver but also the owner of the vehicle is threatened with a fine.

When driving a car, you can use your Household scales the single ones Luggage weigh and estimate the total weight. However, do not forget her own body weight to be included in the bill. If you are unsure, it is better to leave something at home or drive the route twice instead of collecting points or paying a fine. This also applies in the event that your trailer could be overloaded. Make sure to load your car in such a way that no pieces of luggage can move around during the journey. These can become a source of danger, especially when braking hard, and injure you and your passengers. Avoiding physical damage and accidents should be the top priority of every motorist, regardless of traffic law and road traffic regulations.

To avoid a fine and points in Flensburg, you should get a Weighing of your vehicle yourself before the police stop you. Avoid fines, points and annoying interruptions to the journey - the superfluous load must eventually be removed and no further journey is permitted until then. Find out in advance about the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulations regarding overloading and the maximum permissible mass of your car, and then use them as a guide when loading. When the car is overloaded, a vacation trip becomes a stressful burden.

Whether you are traveling with a motorhome, planning a move with the towing vehicle and trailer or want to transport larger loads - you certainly do not want to risk fines. An average car is overloaded relatively quickly because its gross vehicle weight is not very high. If the truck is overloaded, the fines are particularly high. In any case, it is worth taking a look at the catalog of fines: Overloading is listed there, and the respective fines can be easily determined in the event that a fine calculator does not help.

FAQ: Overcharging

Why is it so dangerous to be on the road with an overloaded vehicle?

Find out here what makes overloading so dangerous.

How can you even find out that a vehicle is overloaded?

If a vehicle begins to roll or looks lowered, the responsible police officers quickly suspect that it is overloaded. In such a case, a mobile scale is used to reweigh. If your car or truck is overloaded, you can be prohibited from continuing your journey until you have reduced your weight.

What sanctions does the catalog of fines provide in the event of overloading?

A summary of the sanctions from the catalog of fines that you may face in the event of overloading can be found here.