Distance learning has a scope

Digital homeschooling in international comparison

Schools have already been closed in more and more countries due to the current corona pandemic. There will likely be more school closings across Europe in the near future. As a result, the usual analog school life comes to a standstill from one day to the next. Against this background, it is more important than ever to create targeted and meaningful offers for digital learning from home.

An international comparison shows that countries such as France, Denmark, Austria, Italy and Croatia responded early on in a centrally controlled manner and created corresponding digital learning offers that can be used widely and with low thresholds. In Germany, educational federalism seems to be an obstacle to the rapid and comprehensive provision of digital learning content. Occasionally there are the first federal states that offer online courses or support the use of digital learning content. However, there is a lack of a nationwide approach to using online tools and implementing digital teaching concepts.

In the following, we have compiled an overview of the approaches and measures taken by neighboring European countries that have initiated online educational offers during times of school closings. These best practice examples show how digital lessons can take place far away from the classroom and what possibilities there are in the field of digital education.