Go to developer boot camps for CS students

Is it more likely that employers will hire someone with developer bootcamp experience than self-study? [closed]

Real experience, yes. Work experience, no. It would likely be viewed as an educational or training experience. Depending on your purpose of participating in what's useful, this can vary from great to not at all as something to say is why you would want to take advantage of these camps. I could think of them as useful for gaining notoriety if you have a social learning style or, on the one hand, want to build a network. If you want to work for Google or Apple I'm not sure if this is a good stepping stone to get you there.

While you can learn something on your own, the question is to be able to communicate what you've done and handle things like a whiteboard question in an interview. If someone asks you a question like FizzBuzz, can you formulate a well-thought-out answer or will you be silent for the next few minutes? Why can't programmers program? Jeff Atwood's perspective on this kind of thing would be that if you learned everything by yourself this could be the problem you would run into.

My suggestion for useful experiences is to consider volunteering to help nonprofits with their websites or to get involved in the community e.g. B. Meetups, user groups and hackathons. This could be a way of finding companies willing to invest in someone who doesn't. I don't have a lot of experience, but I have a lot of potential. Realize that a lot of people have potential, so it's more about how you use it.

If you are a college student, there may be a department that helps graduates find a job. So I found my first job after graduation through the Career Services department at my school.


Yes, I don't want to have a career in my college. Seems like they don't have a job or intern as a web developer. I just wonder too. I might try again in the future.