Is Israel ready to become increasingly totalitarian?

Berlin totalitarianism as a declaration of bankruptcy

On the way to a civil society conforming to the government, those who have been vaccinated become the chosen ones, while big data is forming in the background

The disguise of powerlessness takes on increasingly bizarre forms: a deranged politics takes refuge in regressive, not to say: totalitarian claims - and reveals as a side effect some truth outside of the show on the political stage and in the media program rituals. So it is probably also the veil of the "era of success" Merkel, which is just beginning to lift clearly and shows nakedness.

With the tightening of the law on infection protection, the spiral of intervention is now picking up speed. It goes further and further in the direction of systematic planning and control of everyday processes. Is life threatened in the surveillance state? Ultimately only because we agree with it.

A strategy that isn't

What is certain is that the autocrats will, as usual, act as our benefactors. The people - the people - abandon themselves to the illusion of becoming free in the way that "hope" feeds them. That is the goal and already the result of a successful staging, the kind of emotional charge that goes down well with the general public. "Hope" is and does not replace politics.

At the center of all campaigns is vaccination as a strategy that is not a strategy. Vaccines are also developed without a general social plan. Everything that would have been important and necessary preparatory and accompanying strategy in the actual sense of the word, went and does not go wrong, starting with procurement. There is also clearly not the political will to finally promote the urgently needed Covid-19 therapy alongside vaccine research and to develop drugs that help to survive an infection.

Already existing corona drugs are hardly known to the public. Here politicians have completely failed to initiate the necessary framework conditions and create incentives

Politicians, for example, rely on vaccines, with one-sided political propaganda, but continue to offer no timetable and no alternatives apart from increasingly rigorous actionism. The longer the botched vaccine management drags on, the more people die from a lack of Covid-19 therapy options. This policy consists of a cruel multitude of deficits, nationally and at EU level.

The failure of the EU

The failure of the EU in terms of vaccination is total. The European vaccination program is far behind that of Israel and the UK after Brexit; and the US program is also passing the Europeans despite the most serious Covid problems. According to current data, normalization in Europe will lag behind that in the US and Great Britain by at least a year - and besides huge sums of money, destroyed livelihoods and a permanently damaged middle class, it will cost many additional human lives.

The bureaucratic monster EU blocks any kind of strategic intelligence on this issue and makes itself, it seems, part of the problem instead of acting decisively and effectively.

While member states of the EU have been waiting months for vaccine deliveries, ominous profiteers like that are eagerly involved in the race for life and death ZDF-Magazine "Frontal21" recently reported. The manufacturers' sales partners apparently offer the vaccine through intermediaries on parallel markets, sometimes with brutal profit margins.

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn casually dismisses the problem with the remark "gold rush mood", the manufacturers officially deny it, while suspended countries confirm the order of millions of cans - and pay for the coveted goods up to 16 times the contractually negotiated prices between pharmaceutical companies and the EU .

And before there is even an approximation of "vaccinated" - in the treacherous non-word, individuals become numbers like in factory farming - before "vaccinated" is, a senseless vaccination Darwinism drives vaccinated and non-vaccinated apart. The laughing faces of the vaccination propaganda do nothing to change that, from Uschi Glas to Günther Jauch, who willingly provide their likeness to the political ideologues and help to keep the TV people engaged.

The aura of the chosen

Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) proposed the world formula in his novel "Brave New World" in 1932: selection through cloning + permanent youth + permanent pleasure + economic prosperity = happiness.

If cloning is replaced by vaccination when selecting breeding, we have arrived in the year 2021, in the middle of the pandemic, which is just awakening the ghost of human improvement, which was believed to be dead, without being even remotely aware of what kind of flowers the persistent bungling is causing .

Envy and propaganda work as an unfortunate couple, but they work together skillfully as usual. The tazdescribes the world optimization in the crisis as follows:

As soon as the vaccine is in the blood, the lucky ones are beautiful, godlike, sublime and allow everyone else to touch a corner of happiness. (...) It is the aura of the chosen because those who have been vaccinated are now allowed to go anywhere. (...) It is clear to us that we, unvaccinated pariah, harass them insubordinately, but we want to indirectly be part of their new, uninhibited life and feel the breeze of the possible around our noses.

"Vaccine as a status symbol" reports on the FAZ in their weekend edition2, title: "Are you still vaccinating, or are you already traveling?" According to the report, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are already part of the "first league in vaccination": half of the approximately ten million people living in the Gulf are "vaccinated" (as of mid-April). In Dubai, the "City of Gold" with the world's highest density of millionaires, you can see summer approaching in a relaxed manner. The magic formula for the future is: "Vaccinated".

Fatal duo: Corona and Big Data

In the meantime, under the hand, cheerful surveillance fantasies continue to flourish. The goal is to control our personal data, the globally transparent person who can be confidently put under control. The corona crisis is bringing states and protagonists from worldwide business ever closer to the goal of creating the digital conditions for this: corona and big data go hand in hand, fatally.

Billionaire Bill Gates describes Covid-19 as the first use case of this horror vision. A year ago, on March 24, 2020, he explained in an interview with TED-Moderator Chris Anderson:

Ultimately, we need certificates of who a recovered person is and who a vaccinated person is, because people are not supposed to travel around the world while there are countries out of control. But neither should it be impossible for people to be able to go there and come back and move around. Ultimately, there will be some sort of digital proof of immunity that will facilitate global opening [after lockdown].

Handelsblatt-Journalist Norbert Häring linked this interview and followed how the video clip with the recording of the speech was trimmed to fit; meanwhile the original YouTube account has been completely deleted.

Häring comments on the plans:

The Known Traveler program promoted by the US Homeland Security and the World Economic Forum wants to develop and implement all of this. Bill Gates is one of the most influential members of the World Economic Forum, if not the most influential.

The "Known Traveler Digital Identity Project", or KTDI for short, describes the claim to lay the foundations for a global identity system that works in cooperation between governments, regulators, airlines, technology providers and other players and sets a global standard. This recording is also marketed as "digital inclusion", supposedly to include disadvantaged people in the benefits of the modern world. Häring: "Thanks to Covid-19, the Brave New World is approaching in giant steps."

Please do not say "even more state!"

The German government is meanwhile obviously acting in a panic: At no cost does one want to leave the ailing Merkel era with the predicate "Corona chaos". The time for that is indeed running out. Determination, more powers, more control should signal strength and competence and thus help to stop the impression of lack of plan, incompetence and agony in the end.

The Austrian journalist Hannes Hofbauer describes the tendency towards the painted self-image during the crisis in a critical analysis (and with a view to the whole of Europe) as3:

In "decisive action" hides (...) the idea of ​​compensating for the increasingly noticeable loss of trust with authoritarian measures.

In this way, one apparently hopes to save the idea of ​​union in the election year.

Conclusion: The complexity and dynamics of the crisis make an excellent intellectual and scientific initiative necessary, not a larger accumulation of power. Nobody needs the strong man / the strong woman, please do not say "Even more state!". The desired centralization is a declaration of bankruptcy. If there are viable, well-researched, well thought-out and plausible concepts, there is also understanding and willingness to cooperate and consensus on the other side - both at the state level and among the population.

Even more control is no substitute. (Arno Kleinebeckel)

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