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10 New York Music Blogs You Should Read Every Day

New York has long been a cultural hub and has had a vibrant, trend-setting music scene for over a century. From the beginnings of Broadway to the disco era of Studio 54, the punk scene of the 1970s to the legendary New York hip hop on the east coast, New York always danced to the beat of its own drum. Here are 10 of our favorite local music blogs that do it best.



Brooklyn culture blog ALT CITIZEN wants its readers to have fun with music. With his weekly music horoscopes and humorous titled mixtapes - Songs to Piss Your Parents Off , Love is strange and confusing - the site adopts a playful approach to the topic. With the latest tracks and videos from your favorite artists, as well as extensive album reviews, the blog is a respectable source of indie music news. His accessible writing and consistent promotion and support of the local music scene make ALT CITIZEN a must-have for any music-loving New Yorker.

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Everything goes

Its myriad of music uploads with a wide variety of genres, All Things Go is a great place to start exploring the diverse range of indie music scene. Scroll through the endless recommendations or use the extensive genre directory to instantly find your preferred sound. The blog takes on the "adult education" of its readers and portrays artists from past decades as well as interviews with contemporary indie acts. We introduce you to ageless melodies and the passionate artists who are behind the sound. Classes take place in All Things Go.

Largehearted boy

The large-format boy combines music and literature and offers a refreshing insight into the traditional music blog. The website, which is referred to as "cross-media cultural exchange", includes, among other things, book-inspired playlists that were created by the authors themselves, as well as book recommendations from well-known musicians. The blog's comprehensive approach to music is reflected in the weekly roundup of new releases spanning the genre and its varied daily MP3 uploads. In a true New York atmosphere, the site celebrates art in all its forms and invites you to experience music in a different way.

The wild honey cake

The wild honey cake is returning music to its roots, approaching it with passion, uninhibited enthusiasm and an appreciation that indicates the artistic spirits behind the website. The collective of artists and aficionados of this Brooklyn-based publication offers reviews of local shows and current albums topped off with an open personality. The bloggers share their favorite indie tracks and personal recordings from intimate live recordings and restore the music to its rightful place: as part of a community.


For music news, The FADER is devoted to coverage of the mainstream and indie music scenes. The website's meticulous updates allow you to keep up with your favorite artists, posting headlines, new releases, and candid interviews. With all this information, you'll be grateful for the to-go playlists created by the blog to add music to your reading.

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Pigeons & Airplanes

Specializing in "good music by good people", the people at Pigeons & Planes don't discriminate when it comes to genre. From Kendrick Lamar to Purity Ring, Shamir to Mac DeMarco, the blog champion gives music an open note and invites readers to discover new sounds. This inclusive site delivers music news, interviews, and the latest tracks and videos, and employs New York's adventurous approach to music.

Et Musique Pour Tous

Et Musique Pour Tous is French for "And Music For All", a promise that the blog certainly delivers. In the previously untapped genre of "space-age bachelor pad music", the website's song recommendations range from cool electronica to lush pop with lots of dance beats in between. Deviating from the standard music blog format, each track shared from the blog is carefully selected and accompanied by a personal, related anecdote. Browsing the site is like looking into a stranger's diary, but the effect is surprisingly warm. With a range of emotions and experiences, the site manages to bring music to everyone.


Stereogum takes you beyond music, showing artist interviews, alternative creative projects and published essays on the music industry and its stars. The website offers mainstream, oldies and indie fans alike the opportunity to post tracks and videos from a range of genres. For hard-working music blog readers looking for a change, this one-stop entertainment site is a worthy destination.

The Deli

Since 2005, The Deli Magazine's NYC blog has been serving new and emerging bands and solo artists. The print edition of the magazine was published in 2004 and can be viewed online. The Brooklyn-based independent publication drives musical conversation in a way that cuts through the more noisy social sphere.

We all want someone who

Hear blogging at its best (or at least its most traditional side). We all want someone to scream for is a one man production. With his favorite songs and personal concert reviews from artists such as Sufjan Stevens and The Wombats, blogger Will Oliver offers insights and opinions from one music fan to another.

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