Can I connect to g suite?

How do I connect Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to my Dolphin domain?

Connect Google Workspace to your domain to create full-fledged email accounts (@yourdomain) to put on.

If you are using a forwarded domain, you have to make the settings with your domain provider. The following instructions only apply if you have registered your domain with Jimdo.

Please note: Google Workspace is a paid service from Google.

Create a Google Workspace account and verify your domain

  1. Order your Google Workspace account
  2. After logging in you will find yourself at step Set up Google Workspace
  3. Click on Continue to setup
  4. The message followsWelcome to the admin console - click hereFurther
  5. Click next toGmail forYourdomain activateonActivate
  6. Click onFurtherto go to stepForward emails to Gmailto get
  7. Click onCopyunder the point5. Get the confirmation code

A few more steps must then be taken in the dashboard of your Jimdo account. Please do not close the browser window to confirm the domain and open a new window or tab for this purpose.

  1. Log into your Jimdo account and select the website you want
  2. Click on the dashboard Paper airplane icon(E-mail) on the left edge
  3. Select the tab Google Workspace out
  4. Paste the verification code into the empty field and click to save
  5. Go back to the Google activation process and click Activate Gmail

Normally your domain should be confirmed after a short waiting period. You can use your email account after 72 hours at the latest. To do this, sign in directly to Gmail.