How do you answer a question anonymously

New Instagram tool: questions in the stories are not anonymous

You thought the new question tool on Instagram is anonymous and you can ask the bloggers embarrassing questions? Oops ... thought wrong. They see very well WHO sent the question. And if they were really mean, they could theoretically tag you in the story, in which they answer your specific questions. Many users are currently complaining on Twitter: They would not have known that the question tool is not anonymous. Finally, the name of the person asking the question is not displayed in the answer stories. Eh, not, but the person you are asking the question will see you! So if you want to ask something embarrassing, remember that the other person knows who is behind the question and do not embarrass yourself, as some other users have already done. On the other hand, the one or the other insult or overly intimate question is prevented. As is so often the case, cyberbullying happens exactly when the person on the other end of the line believes their statement or question is anonymous anyway.

Who doesn't know

The question tool is a relatively new offering from Instagram. With the help of a sticker, the community in the story can be given the opportunity to click on it and ask a question. Then the person answers the questions one by one in the story. To illustrate the whole thing a bit, here is the complete workflow:

1. Person offers to ask him or her a question with the help of the sticker

2. You click in the gray bar and ask the question

This is what it looks like for your counterpart. Under your question you can also see your Instagram name and below that your full name for the person, if you have given it on Instagram. For data protection reasons we have conjured up our Instagram names with the help of an app;)

3. The person clicks your question. It is automatically loaded into the story.

No fear. Your name will not be uploaded automatically.

4. The person selects a background and answers the question.