How does social media affect advertising

Place effective social media advertising [insider tips]

Ads in social networks appear in the Feed the users - whether they want it or not. That is why they have to be visually appealing, short and meaningful. In return, they bring you as an ad counter:

  • long range for little money
  • Proximity to your target audience
  • Communication options
  • Readiness for interaction of the readers
  • individual budgeting
  • Target group accuracy

Benefits of Social Media Ads

  • Extreme target groupeasy to segment (Age, gender, interests, location, occupation, etc.). This means that there is little wastage and you can reach target groups that you would not otherwise reach.
  • Ad formatsthat do not exist on websites like this (Carousel Ads to advertise several products at the same time, Lead Ads for direct lead generation, Video Ads: The trend is more and more towards videos; Texts are less relevant in comparison)
  • no ad blockerslike website advertising. The audience is more open to advertising because they are used to advertising.
  • Display directly in the stream, not in the sidebar or outside of the content area, the customer MUST see the advertisement.
  • Independent of booked range can be a Advertisement in social networksspread virally (free reach with recommendation factor!)
  • Communication with the target group: In social media you can react immediately to questions or doubts and thus turn potential buyers into customers or simply Image building operate on the side and build a network
  • Side effect: building ofSocial signalsthat turn a positive SEO effect produce

Your advertising opportunities in social media

1. Use your own range

You can make your own Social media reach use and place ads in your social media accounts.

Your advantage: You independently influence the success because you make the settings yourself and can do them on your own Evaluate results.

The disadvantage: the effort is greater. For example, if you still no own Facebook page or you only have a few fans and you have the know-how to Advertisement missing, you might find it difficult at first.

2. Use external ranges

By being on other channels sponsored Facebook posts or sponsored tweets you can book from the Range of cooperation partners benefit.

Your advantage: You have little effort and do not have to make any settings yourself when posting. The chance that yours Ad goes viral, increases with the awareness of your cooperation partner.

Big brands and companies are considered trustworthy senders - especially if your product may still be in its infancy.

The disadvantage: success can only be measured indirectly. You're on the Information from your advertising partner instructed and therefore have no direct insight.

3. Influencer Marketing

But you can not only work with established companies use other people's reachn, but also through influencers. Influencers are usually one Personal Brand and you can do it for yours Influencer Marketing use.

Your advantage: Influencers usually have an extreme reach and a very strong bond with their followers. The promotion of your product is done in one for you suitable target group and experiences a high level of acceptance by users, since the tip on personal recommendation is based. Influencers have a kind of role model function and sometimes a certain “star factor”.

The disadvantage: You first have to find suitable influencers who can also identify with your brand and your product. Influencers want to remain authentic and only Promote productsthey can stand behind. You should also give your co-op partners their freedom so that yours Promotional campaign does not seem posed.

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4. Contests on social media

Social media are ideal for organizing competitions. Running sweepstakes through the channels of big brands has the advantage of being increased range.

In addition: Attractive prizes ensure lively participation and a strong customer loyalty.

By creating positive experiences for your target group, you will be well remembered by them and, at best, recommended to others.

The downside: If you do it wrong and don't participate, it won't make a good impression on your fans. Also, you absolutely have to have the legal requirements for competitions so that you are on the safe side.

This is what a good social media ad looks like

Not every social media platform is suitable for ads. We are present in these networks, for example: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Xing-News, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn. But we mainly use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to place ads. You should think carefully about who you want to reach.

Since not all ads are the same, you have to adapt to your respective channel. So pay attention to the correct addressing of your target group and present your pictures in the optimal size. We'll give you a brief overview of the channels that we use ourselves. In addition, you will find out what the perfect image sizes for the respective channel look like. Because even such formalities are not to be despised.

Otherwise our recommendation is: Test, test, test. If an ad backfires, you can always adjust it and make changes until you get the results you want.

Facebook: communication, reach & entertainment

Facebook is first and foremost one Entertainment medium, so you shouldn't bore your readers with dry topics. In social media, your target group sometimes gives something very private about itself, which is why it feels and feels safe in a kind of "living room atmosphere".

This is exactly what users expect on Facebook: Private content. This is the perfect platform to get closer to your customers and to show you your private side in a relaxed tone.

That is why coolness & humor are in demand on Facebook, and above all: storytelling. Tell your story, give insights, be interesting and exciting.

Videos mostly worked on Facebook. Over 100 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook every day. When you post a video, make sure it is short and works without sound. Good pictures and the general one Focus on the visual are the Guarantee for success on Facebook.

Diversity of ads & good segmentation

Depending on the type of ad you choose, you can embed multiple images and landing pages in your ad. Facebook offers very sophisticated advertising opportunities and a wide range of options for Target group selection. With Facebook Live, the video preference on Facebook goes one step further. You can stream content live and get a lot of attention. If you have good ideas for live content, the trend may be worth it for you.

A big advantage on Facebook: The budgeting is very transparent and can be defined individually. Placing ads is relatively cheap.

Twitter: It pays to follow trends

There is a different audience on Twitter than on Facebook. Mostly are there Journalists to be found and in the meantime the information is even quotable, after many well-known politicians also have their own Twitter account. So you should do this Expert claim on Twitter too.

On Twitter, readers want facts, humor and engaging discussions. So stick to your tweets short & crisp and be sure to choose the right ones Hashtagsto be heard by your readers and the right target group to reach. A suitable picture also enhances your tweet. How do you find the right hashtags? Here are two free options:

Instagram: consumption, influencers and presence

The specialty of Instagram is that it is a purely mobile application that is not intended for desktop use. The preference for private content applies even more to Instagram. Make sure to adapt to it Tone of your target audience and show interesting or funny photos of your team or your products. You can also post short videos under a minute on Instagram.

The target group is positive, motivated and harmonious. There is less shitstorm on Instagram than on Facebook, which is certainly also due to the content. The sunny side of life rarely gives cause for complaint. The Follwer bring real interest and Willingness to communicate With.

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The right hashtags make it easy to find. You can also become active yourself by liking channels and commenting on others. First and foremost, Instagram is not an advertising channel, you should use it primarily as a way to Image building perceive. Nevertheless, advertising can be worthwhile!

Since April 2015 there is also in Germany Ads on Instagram. For the public, who were used to an environment free of advertising at the beginning, advertising is no longer unusual. This is why brands are increasingly promoting their content, videos in particular have a lot of success, which is good Access numbers can be read.

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Carousel Ads: Series of images as an advertising format

Since June 2015, advertisers have also been able to use so-called carousel ads (also known as carousel format or multi-product ad). In this advertising format, several images are combined in a horizontal direction into one advertisement. The users can click through a row of images and get a better impression.

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