What are some Animated Romantic TV Series

Anime isn't just for kids. Some genres of Japanese productions are even specially designed for adults. Find out where to stream the movies and series.

Anime or Manga - what's the difference? And aren't cartoons for children? Many only know the most famous films and series from the Japanese drawing studios, such as "One Piece", "Princess Mononoke" or "Spirited Away". But the world of anime is much bigger. We show how many different genres there are and which streaming providers have the classics in their range.

Anime or Manga - What's the Difference?

Basically, anime refers to a Japanese cartoon. In Japan itself, on the other hand, every animated film is considered an anime - regardless of where it was produced. The first cartoons made in Japan date back to 1917: however, they were still in black and white and without sound. The anime is often confused with the manga. The latter is the term for a Japanese comic book. In fact, many animes are based on a manga - for example the hit series "One Piece". 

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These anime genres exist

Anime can be divided into different categories. There are child-friendly series and films as well as those that are suitable for adults. That depends, among other things, on the content and location of the anime. In addition, some primarily state boys or girls as the target group. Examples of genres include Drama, comedy, romance, crime, horror, war or adventure. Often the individual categories also overlap.

In addition, animes and mangas can be divided as follows:

  • Shonen Ai / Yaoi Anime: This anime is all about the love between two male characters. Girls and young women in particular should be addressed. The counterpart to this is Shōjo Ai or Yuri anime. The focus is on the relationship between two women.
  • Ecchi Anime: The Ecchi Anime is intended for both men and women. Content that revolves around physical love is presented in a humorous way.
  • Hentai Anime: They are only suitable for adults and contain particularly slippery content. In Japan, these animes are not shown on TV or in cinemas to protect minors.
  • Maho Shojo / Magical Girl Anime: Everything here revolves around a girl with magical abilities. A well-known example is the series "Sailor Moon".
  • Sentai / Super Sentai Anime: A whole superhero team is at the start with Sentai-Animes. The focus is on the friendship of the characters.
  • Demon Anime: Anyone who wants to learn everything about demons and how to conjure them is in good hands with this genre.
  • Sports anime: The name speaks for itself: In the anime "Kickers" For example, it is about an unsuccessful soccer team that wants to win trophies with a little help.

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This is how an anime is created

A traditional anime is created through what is known as cel animation. This process is very complex: Different foils are painted and repeatedly photographed against a background. That requires more or less effort - depending on your budget. Today most studios rely on computer-animated films and series for reasons of cost. The style of the cel-animated characters has been preserved to this day.

Anime: These are the most famous series and films

Many of the most popular animes have been running for years. For example the series "One Piece", where a gang of pirates goes in search of legendary treasure. The anime about Monkey D. Luffy scores with exciting adventures and lots of humor. On the other hand, there is even more action "Dragon Ball", in which the main character Son Goku has to take on all sorts of villains. Those who are enthusiastic about ninjas, on the other hand, are with "Naruto" properly lifted. One of the most popular films is "Spirited Away". A little girl gets lost in the forest and then experiences numerous adventures in a fairytale world. The film is a bit darker "Princess Mononoke". The princess and a young warrior must protect nature against the invading man.

Where can I watch anime?

Whether romance, adventure or demons - if you want to get a taste of the world of anime, you can do so with various streaming providers. For example, Joyn, Wakanim and Anime on Demand show many films and series. Netflix also has some animes in its program, but it changes constantly. The provider is currently showing the series "Naruto" and "Princess Mononoke" (As of May 2021). Some animes are also shown on German free TV - for example on SIXX or ProSieben MAXX. (lw) * tz.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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