What are the functions of academics



The job market demands competencies that academic career starters and students with professional experience certainly have or that they have acquired during their university education and professional practice - but which they cannot sell properly. In addition, older academics in particular have to adjust to a change in culture in corporate organizations. How do “baby boomers” become ideal job candidates, and how does the young “i-society” present itself as a reliable candidate in job interviews? 

If you want to apply successfully, you should put yourself in the shoes of an HR department just for fun. Who likes to find prosaically written cover letters, incomplete CVs and thick stacks of certificates in their email or post office? Unfortunately, this is still everyday life, especially when it comes to applications from candidates with a diploma, bachelor's degree or master's degree.

Anyone who is about to take a decisive career step in Germany can usually get 100% funding as part of professional application coaching in one-on-one interviews and get them in shape. Individual coaching, as offered by the ecomex career and start-up center, covers six core areas:

  • Potential analysis
  • Labor market analysis
  • Profile and strategy development
  • Application documents
  • Online career marketing
  • Company selection process

After the coaching, academics are ready to go their own way into a new professional life.

Crucial: where do I come from - where do I want to go?

If you want to apply successfully as an academic, you have to carefully examine your own potential. The previous career - however it went, the personality type and a kind of “competence balance” are the ideal starting point to offer one's own workforce as a service in the market. Just where?

Markets are constantly changing - including the labor market

The place of residence is not always the best place to work, and sometimes requirement profiles have shifted due to digitization and restructuring. A thorough labor market analysis helps to bring employment options and the wage structure up to date, and to give thought to one's own flexibility and mobility.