Like girls in general jocks


The Jocks are one of the five cliques at Bullworth Academy.


Ted Thompson is the leader of the Jocks and the captain of the Bullworth Bullhorns. Damon is the second leader and Ted's bodyguard, although he claims to be the leader himself. The other jocks don't want authority at any point in the game.

The jocks are the strongest and most popular clique at the school and even the townspeople have respect for them.

Clique description

The Jocks are the physically strongest students at the school - Damon, Casey, Juri and Luis are much taller than the normal students. The clique's outfits consist of sports tops, normal school pants and sneakers. Some jocks have letterman jackets, others have team shirts. The only girl, Mandy, is rarely seen without her cheerleading outfit.


The jocks are at the top of the school cliques and, according to Gary, run the school. They are the most athletic students and call the sports hall and football field their area. All male members play for the Bullworth Bullhorns. Your arch enemies are the nerds and the jocks will attack a nerd if he dares to go to the gym. Outside of the school yard, the jocks are actually nowhere to be found except at the fair.

Role in the game

The jocks are Jimmy's opponents in the mission Slingshot. At the beginning of the school year, Jimmy pisses off the jocks on the mission The candidatewhich is why they attack him at the gym when they see him.

Jimmy doesn't even want to pay attention to the jocks and takes over the preppies, greasers and bullies first. However, the events in Chapter 4 then involve the jocks.

In Chapter 5, someone sets fire to the gym. The Jocks immediately accuse Jimmy, even though it was the townspeople Gurney. The Jocks don't believe this and start hating Jimmy again. Jimmy pursues the problem from the townspeople all the way to Gary, whom he defeats. To Total chaos the jocks like him again.