What is society management


When the decisive course is set

Real estate transactions

Buying and selling are among the particularly critical components of a real estate investment. In both areas, our specialization, our particular approach and our profound knowledge of the requirements of institutional investors regularly ensure above-average results and successes.

In our real estate investment, all acquisitions are always made on the basis of a comprehensive analysis, combined with a well-founded forecast of the expected results. This ensures that every property, whether in Austria or in CEE, can be precisely planned that institutional investors require.

Real estate purchase: take advantage of "off-market" opportunities

In Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), too, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable investment opportunities. In addition, numerous properties are only traded “off-market”. Elsewhere, sales opportunities only arise in the context of an active approach. Against this background, our strategy of deliberately specializing in these markets, including a high level of cultural proximity and having several personal representatives on site, pays off in particular. Thanks to proactive acquisition activity, we usually already have several potential purchase opportunities, which means that we can also place larger investment volumes in a short period of time. Trust in GalCap's experience in real estate investment.

Real estate sales: networking that creates advantages

Our profound knowledge of the local markets in Austria and CEE as well as our excellent regional network also pay off in sales. Among other things, we have a continuously updated picture of potential buyers and their strategy, we know currently achievable sales prices and know about regional and cultural characteristics that are decisive for an optimal sales result. Now at the latest you will find the reliability of our return forecasts confirmed.

First-class care throughout the entire cycle

Asset management

From selection and purchase through complete property management to sale: Our qualified asset management takes care of the properties we manage throughout the entire cycle.

Thanks to our proximity to the markets in Austria and CEE, we usually already know numerous attractive buying opportunities and have thoroughly analyzed them. In this way, we can make the required investments promptly and precisely.

Even during the purchase, we create a detailed business plan and, among other things, ensure a clear property strategy with a rental concept tailored to the local conditions. In the ongoing management of the property, we attach particular importance to proactive tenant support - for example to avoid any differences in advance and to support lasting relationships. We also take care of the careful selection and control of the required service providers as well as the monitoring of all maintenance and repair tasks.

On the cost side, we carry out professional and appropriate budgeting, are responsible for the entire controlling and guarantee prompt and transparent reporting.

Once the time has come for the sale, our first-class knowledge of the market (Vienna, Austria, CEE) and our extensive network ensure the right conditions for the best possible sale.

Reach your destination quickly and reliably

Project management

Whether it is a change of use, expansion or need for renovation: our project management ensures that every property is restored to its optimal condition if necessary.

A professionally designed and executed revitalization supports both the best possible value retention of the property and optimal rentability. From the first project calculation and preparation through the transparent selection of project partners to the control of results, we take on all coordinative work and tasks in project management.

Clearly defined processes, procedures and control mechanisms ensure the best possible adherence to all time and cost specifications. Of course, we also take care of the rental in accordance with the developed space usage concept.

So that the framework is right

Society management

As a partner in company management, we take care of all matters relating to the establishment and management of the individual property companies relating to your real estate investments.

From taking over all formalities to the position of the managing director, we take on all tasks and concerns that require the establishment and ongoing operation of property companies - promptly and with reliable compliance with all formal and legal requirements. For services in the areas of accounting as well as legal or tax advice, we are happy to take care of the selection and management of suitable service providers.

Valuable know-how that makes the difference


Whether Vienna or Budapest, whether Poland or Slovakia: As an investment advisor, we support you precisely and precisely if you, as an institutional investor or as a private foundation, want to make your own direct real estate investments in Austria or Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Depending on your needs, our support includes both basic advice on individual markets and regions as well as specific support when it comes to specific management issues, such as the professional handling of a purchase, the rapid reduction of vacancies in a property, the setting up of suitable external financing or a strategic repositioning of the property. Real estate investment is our strength!

Our personal support at rental and negotiation appointments can be particularly valuable, which can save you from some stumbling blocks or missed opportunities. In any case, you benefit from an almost unique familiarity with both regional and cultural characteristics, which sustainably supports successful engagement.