What is the name of this work of art


Abstract art: a painting by Piet Mondrian from 1924. The strong colors red, yellow and blue create a colorful, lively world. White is the spirit, black stands for death.

Art means that you can do something that not everyone can do. A work of art is then a thing that belongs to art. Anyone who makes works of art is an artist; anyone who is familiar with art is an art connoisseur.

Originally, art also meant science and technology. Nowadays, when you hear the word, one thinks primarily of the “fine arts”. Such works of art do not necessarily have to serve something: Often people only like a work of art because it looks special, because it makes them think or makes them feel something. Many museums offer the opportunity to look at works of art.

In the fine arts something is made, for example a painting or a statue or a building. The performing arts include dance, but also theater and film. Music and literature are also types of art.

Art can be "representational" or abstract. Representative art shows something clearly, you can immediately see what is meant. Nevertheless, it describes more than you see or hear: a flower in a painting is a flower, but it also stands for freshness, life and beauty. Comics are also concrete art. When it comes to abstract art, you usually have to think twice. It doesn't show things so much, but shapes and colors: lines, circles, squares, surfaces.

  • Anne Vallyer-Coster painted all kinds of works of art over 250 years ago.

  • "The Thinker" by August Rodin is a famous statue.

  • The artist Joseph Beuys