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Milk and acid, e.g. B. vinegar or lemon juice, that's all you need for our recipe for making buttermilk yourself! You can then drink your own milk straight, use it for baking or refine dips, smoothies and sauces with it.

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Do-it-yourself buttermilk recipe: many options

Buttermilk is incredibly versatile. When used externally and internally, it makes you beautiful, supposedly losing weight works great with buttermilk, it cools you down when you are sunburned and it tastes delicious and refreshing. It can be drunk neat or processed into drinks like our strawberry buttermilk shake. You can also use the dairy product to refine dips and sauces or bake with it. Buttermilk is a basic ingredient in the original American pancakes. Our buttermilk bread recipe also contains - as the name suggests - the dairy product as an ingredient. The variety of buttermilk recipes is great. But you don't have to buy it separately or have it in stock at home. With our recipe for making your own buttermilk, you can make your own buttermilk in just ten minutes. All you need is milk and acid, we recommend lemon juice. Mix well, wait ten minutes and your homemade buttermilk is ready. It is up to you which type of milk you use. Our recipe works just as well with whole milk as it does with low-fat milk. Depending on the basic ingredient used, the result is sometimes creamier and sometimes lower in fat, just as you wish.

Do-it-yourself is all the rage

Not only in the construction of individual pieces of furniture, in the creative upcycling of old clothes, etc.: The DIY trend has long since found its way into the kitchen. Jams, chutneys, mustard, herb butter, spicy oils, herbal salts, liqueurs or dried fruit - making it yourself is the motto. With a little effort, having fun experimenting and trying things out, investing a little time and a good portion of love, you can create the greatest delicacies. Homemade food not only tastes individual and great, it is also a very personal gift for special people.

Our recipe for making your own buttermilk fits precisely into this trend. However, you should not necessarily give the buttermilk away as it does not keep very long and should ideally be consumed immediately after production.

By the way: There is another way to make your own buttermilk. Analogous to our recipe for making yogurt yourself, you can simply multiply purchased pure buttermilk with milk. To do this, pour the buttermilk you bought with milk and let it stand for eight to twelve hours at room temperature. During this time, the lactic acid bacteria multiply and transform all of the milk into delicious, homemade buttermilk.