What is the Nimbus 2000 made of

Harry Potter's Nimbus 2000


To win a game in Quidditch you need to have the most points once the Snitch is caught. The snitch itself gives the seeker's team 150 additional points and thus mostly victory. It moves very quickly through the air, which is why an agile and very fast flying broom like the Nimbus 2000 came in very handy.

In Harry's first game, he only looked briefly at what was happening until he discovered the Snitch. He shot after him, but was blocked directly by Flint and lost sight of the Snitch. Then Professor Quirrell began to bewitch his nimbus to either kill or at least injure him.

When Professor Quirrell was distracted by Hermione by setting his cloak on fire, Harry discovered Snitch again. He ended the game by catching the snitch. Not with his hand, as usual, but with his mouth. Unfortunately, they didn't win the Quidditch Cup that season because Harry was missing from the last game.


In the rainy game against Slytherin again, Harry was chased by an enchanted Bludger. As it turned out later, he was enchanted by Dobby, but I'm not going to spoil this story for you. ;) Oliver Wood requested a timeout, but Harry told him to keep playing.

He also sent away the Weasley twins who wanted to protect him as a driver so that he could go in search of the Snitch. So, followed by the Bludger, he raced across the field and tried to avoid him with all sorts of tricks.

At some point the Bludger hit him and broke his right arm. Nevertheless, Harry flew on and chased the Snitch, now with his left hand. He made himself extremely long, stretched out his left arm and grabbed it. Dropped from the broom from a meter height and held the Snitch in his left hand. The game was won.

Also this year the Qudditch Cup could not be won. Attacks on Muggle-born students began, which canceled the tournament and the last game against Hufflepuff was never repeated.


In November 1993, Dementors appeared at a Quidditch match against Hufflepuff. Harry tried to escape from them, fell from his Nimbus 2000 and this landed in the clutches of the Whomping Willow. It was made into kindling and could no longer be saved.