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120 great toasts for every occasion

Toasts make every occasion something special, they come in all shapes and colors. Whether serious, relaxed or funny - among our 120 toasts there is definitely something for you with which you can impress at the next celebration.

That distinguishes a toast

That distinguishes a toast

A toast always goes hand in hand with lifting the glasses. It can be something short like “cheers” and the purpose of it is to bring everyone together and become aware of the occasion together. But it can also be toasted to something specific, if the toast is, for example: "To your health!", "To life!" Or "To the New Year!". Sometimes toasts are even small speeches honoring the host, the bride and groom, the birthday child, the sponsors or even an absent person. In any case, it is about uniting people and focusing on something.

The toast in Germany

The "Prost" as we know it today is a modification of the Latin "Prosit", which means something like "It is useful" or "It may be of some use". Both expressions come from the student language of the 18th century and have gradually established themselves in the standard language. Common counterparts are "Well received!" And "For good!".

In this country you are not allowed to cross your arms while toasting, otherwise, according to superstition, bad luck will haunt you and you will face seven years of bad sex. This superstition exists in a modified form in many countries. In Germany, toasts are part of every festive occasion on which one drinks alcohol. As a rule, non-alcoholic drinks are not toasted. However, nobody is left out in a toast just because they drink water instead of alcohol.

We often use toasts to give a short speech, especially at Christmas, New Year's Eve or on birthdays. In this way, everyone present can gather together, enjoy their presence and become devout for a moment before the joyful partying continues.

120 toasts in 7 categories - for every occasion

120 toasts for every occasion

We Germans drink about twice as much alcohol as the global average. Too much alcohol also includes many toasts on many occasions. You will find both funny and serious toasts and sayings about alcohol below. Not to be forgotten are the toasts in other languages, with which you can add a little variety or show off abroad.

Funny toasts to toast

Funny toasts are suitable for everyone with your sense of humor. You can recite them in private and make your friends laugh. Those who drink are often in a good mood anyway, so a funny toast comes in handy. They are like little funny wisdoms in life. However, avoid sayings of this kind in business contacts, as you could otherwise appear dubious. On a formal occasion, we have a few toasts for you later. If you like funny sayings, you might like these jokes of all kinds too.

  1. If you like love and unity, you can also have a little something to drink.
  2. The men we love and the bums we get.
  3. Water makes you wise, wine makes you funny.
    That's why we drink both to be both.
  4. Always be happy and never angry
    that extends your lifespan.
  5. "Arriba, abajo, al centro y pa‘ dentro. "(A Spanish toast, known from Loona's song" Mamboleo ", translated means:" Up, down, to the middle and then in with it ")
  6. The first beer that quenches thirst. A second makes me happy. After three, I'm all sausage, so I just keep drinking.
  7. It hurts so much in my heart when I see the floor from the glass. So I'll have a toast with you before it's too late again.
  8. Sport is murder, only fuel keeps you fit.
  9. Great love affairs start with champagne and end with herbal tea.
    (Honore de Balzac)
  10. To the middle, off to the tit, off to the sack, zack zack.
  11. Change the shit.
  12. Don't chat for a long time, head back.
  13. Everyone has to believe in something. I think I'll have another one!
  14. Come on, never give up!
  15. An empty stomach is bad advice. So cheers and in with it!
  16. People say nothing is impossible, but I don't do anything every day. We people drink to that!
  17. I can also live without a career. As long as I have my beer in hand and my friends around me.
  18. Drinking is a vice - but a beautiful one.
  19. I am not drunk! I am loud, fun, and clumsy by nature.
  20. I stopped drinking yesterday. Today I'm celebrating my comeback.

Proverbs about alcohol and drinking

Proverbs about alcohol and drinking

People have been drinking alcohol much longer than the current era. The first beer was brewed around 9000 years ago and there is also evidence of wine from around 6000 years before Christ. Since our drinking culture is so incredibly old, there are also numerous sayings and wisdoms about it. Many experiences with drinking have been made over the years and diligently passed on. In the following you will therefore find older and new sayings that sometimes seem more and sometimes less serious.

Convince a friend with one of these sayings to have a drink with you or give a little speech and put one of these sayings at the end. You can also send it to WhatsApp or set it as your status.

  1. Eating is a need of the stomach, drinking is a need of the soul. Eating is an ordinary craft, drinking is an art.
    (Claude Tillier)
  2. You can never drink too much, but you never drink enough!
    (Gotthold Ephraim Lessing)
  3. Ergo bibamus! (Latin for "So let's have a drink!") You can find more Latin sayings here.
  4. Life is some days
    just to endure in full intoxication.
  5. Drunk people and children always tell the truth.
  6. Those who eat properly should also drink well.
  7. Eat what is cooked
    drink what is clear
    talk about what's true.
    (Martin Luther)
  8. Alcohol, you noble spirit, how often you pull me to the ground, you pull me down ten more times, I get up and drink again.
  9. Will I live tomorrow
    I don't know, of course:
    But if I live tomorrow
    That I'll drink tomorrow
    I know for sure.
    (Gotthold Ephraim Lessing)
  10. Once the call is ruined, it drinks quite unabashedly.
  11. Dear moon, you have a hard time
    have every reason to complain.
    You're only full twelve times a year
    I am every day.
  12. My last will: even more alcohol!
  13. Probably the greatest enemy of man,
    that is and remains alcohol.
    Yet it is written in the Bible:
    "You should love your enemies too."
  14. Looked at soberly, it's better drunk.
  15. Liquid bread makes cheeks red!
  16. Grain, beer, schnapps and wine,
    we hear our liver scream.
  17. The hangover is guaranteed
    but now I'm still unabashed.
  18. Juices have 12 vitamins. What is that anyway? Jägermeister has 56 herbs!
  19. Everything is fleeting, only thirst remains lifelong.
  20. If you are full, lie down, drink again after sleeping.

Toasts about beer

Beer is probably the most popular alcoholic drink among Germans. Even internationally, beer is considered typically German. This is not just a prejudice, it is also reflected in our consumption figures: Germans drink an average of more than 200 liters of beer a year. In addition, we consume twice as much alcohol as the global average. Beer sayings will always be well received in Germany. There are sure to be a few toasts here that you did not know and that you will soon be able to say for the best. Make your friends smile with a funny beer saying.

  1. Have a beer in the morning and the day is yours.
  2. The biggest advantage of beer: no wine stains.
  3. Beer is cheaper than therapy.
  4. Nobody can refuse a beer in honor.
  5. Even water becomes a noble drop,
    mix it with malt and hops!
  6. Life without beer is possible, but not useful.
  7. Beer doesn't solve problems, but neither does water.
  8. A case of beer has 24 bottles. A day has 24 hours. That can not be a coincidence!
  9. Beer and schnapps - the drinks of peoples who are familiar with fog and rain.
    (Heinrich Heine)
  10. It is part of the German need to speak badly of the government over beer.
    (Otto von Bismarck)

Toasts about wine

Toasts about wine

Wine is the second most popular alcoholic drink in Germany. We drink 90 liters of wine per capita a year. There are numerous connoisseurs and thinkers among wine drinkers, as the following list will show. Here you will find numerous quotes about wine and its effects. A quote is also especially useful if you are having wine with a few people, and some people may even know the person you are quoting. The following sayings are wise but also funny and are therefore suitable for casual occasions.

  1. In vino veritas. (Latin for "Truth lies in wine.")
  2. Wine on beer, I advise you!
    Beer on wine, let it go!
  3. That should be praised in wine: it is best to drink with two.
  4. The world is so beautifully reflected in the wine!
    Those who fast and smart will never understand.
    Drum bottles unsealed and hearts broken
    and spirits give wings to heavenly heights!
    (Paul Heyse)
  5. Vinum bonum deorum donum. (Latin for "A good wine is a gift from the gods.")
  6. O wine! O wine! I feel better than ever!
    Pours out! Pours out! That's what I call therapy!
    (E.T.A. Hoffmann)
  7. What is life's highest lust?
    The love and the wine.
    (Joachim Perinet)
  8. Who disdains you, you noble wine,
    he's not worth being human.
    (Joachim Perine)
  9. Those who drink should be pure of heart, wine is not to be joked with.
    (Friedrich Rückert)
  10. Reason has never been my strength, and neither has patience - but I am good at red wine, red wine.
  11. If we think about it, we can drink wine for five reasons:
    once for the sake of a feast day,
    then quench existing thirst,
    to fend off the same future ones,
    also in honor of good wine
    and finally for every cause's sake.
    (Friedrich Rückert)
  12. The best magnifying glasses for the joys of this world are those made to drink from.
    (Joachim Ringelnatz)
  13. Harvesting grapes does not make you more drunk than drinking a book makes you more well-read.
    (Elke Heidenreich)
  14. May I briefly introduce: Wine, this is a shitty day. Shitty day, this is wine.
  15. I don't care where the water goes as long as it doesn't run into the wine.
    (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)
  16. But where there is no wine, the charm of life dies.
  17. Wine is the noblest embodiment of the spirit of nature.
    (Friedrich Hebbel)
  18. You can't buy happiness, neither can love, but wine can.
  19. The wine doesn't keep anything secret.
  20. Whoever drinks wine sleeps well, whoever sleeps well does not sin, whoever does not sin will be saved, so whoever drinks wine will be saved.
    (William Shakespeare)
  21. Yes, yes, the wine is my element
    in his golden flood of love
    I want to bathe the sick soul in good health.
    (Heinrich Heine)
  22. Life is far too short to drink bad wine.
    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  23. Wine lovers don't automatically have style just because their glasses have one.
    (Karsten-Thilo Raab)
  24. If you want to find the truth in wine, you shouldn't give up the search at the first glass.
    (Werner Mitsch)
  25. Nobody should drink so little wine that it is harmful to their health.
    (Marc Aurel)
  26. A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than any non-fiction book.
    (Louis Pasteur)
  27. Wine is God's second best gift to man.
    (Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce)
  28. Rain makes the grass grow, wine the conversation.
  29. A good glass of wine is good for awakening the mind.
    (Konrad Adenauer)
  30. Red wine is one of the best gifts for old boys.
    (Wilhelm Busch)

Short toasts

Short toasts

If you don't have much to say but still want to toast, short toasts are perfect for you. They appreciate the occasion on which you came together and everyone briefly becomes aware of the beautiful moment. It is always nice to appreciate the efforts of the host and to draw attention to him or her with a short toast. You should only toast yourself with close friends. For example, if you are proud of your friends and like each other as a clique, a loving "Auf uns!" Is suitable to point this out to everyone.

  1. Pestle!
  2. In one go!
  3. Priest!
  4. To the host!
  5. For the benefit!
  6. To us!
  7. To your health!
  8. Quickly!
  9. Cheers to you!
  10. We'll never drink together that young again!
  11. Nobody can refuse a glass of honor.
  12. To you of you!
  13. To life!
  14. Bottom up!
  15. To love!

Toasts for business contacts and serious occasions

Toasts for business contacts and serious occasions

In the professional world, business lunches or parties are simply part of it. Depending on how formal the occasion is and which contacts are present, you should appear more serious than usual. At such meetings, for example, it is now common not to let the glasses ring, but to simply raise your glass and look at yourself watch. This also saves some embarrassing situations in which serious contacts would have to lean halfway across the table to clink glasses with their counterpart.

Under the following toasts you will also find some quotes with which you can impress on a serious occasion. With them you not only appear well-read, those present will also be happy that you have something more substantial to say than a simple “cheers”. People in management positions in particular are often expected to say a few nice words to their employees. So beforehand, think about how you can motivate.

  1. We look forward to continued good cooperation!
  2. I thank you for the numerous appearances and wish everyone a pleasant evening.
  3. I would like to use this occasion to thank you and to toast a bright future with you.
  4. Dear colleagues, I toast with you to our great work, to a great team and a great time. On you!
  5. We wish our dear boss all the best. We thank you for the trust you have placed in us and the wonderful work. Cheers!
  6. What would life be if we didn't have the courage to take risks?
    (Vincent van Gogh)
  7. The happiness of life does not consist in having little or no difficulties, but in overcoming them all victoriously and gloriously. (Carl Hilty) Well, I can say we did that successfully. With this in mind: let's toast!
  8. Detours also broaden our horizons. (Ernst Ferstl) I am glad that you stand by my side with every detour and that you can always be relied on. Cheers.
  9. You have to try the impossible in order to achieve the possible.
    (Hermann Hesse)
  10. Maybe there are better times; but this is ours.
    (Jean-Paul Sartre)

Toasts from all over the world: "Cheers" in other languages

Toasts from all over the world: "Cheers" in other languages

Here you can find all standard toasts from other countries. They are the counterpart to our “Cheers!” And therefore always the best-known toast in the respective language. However, the norms for drinking and toasting with alcohol can differ significantly in each country. In China, for example, it is considered impolite to refill your own alcohol and the Italians put their glasses on the table again after they have toasted them before they drink. You should never toast with beer in Hungary, as the Austrians toasted with beer after the defeat of the Hungarian Revolution. It was forbidden by law there for 150 years.

Toasts in other languages ​​are suitable to honor special guests from other countries. It's always a friendly gesture when someone's language and culture are respected. Sometimes a foreign-language "cheers" is simply a successful change. In Germany it is now quite common for people to toast with “Cheers” or “Cin cin”.

  1. English: "Cheers!"
  2. French: "Santé!"
  3. Dutch: “Proost! Op uw gezonheid! "
  4. Greek: "Jámas!"
  5. Turkish: "Şerefe!"
  6. Italian: "Salute!" Or "Cin cin!"
  7. Spanish: "¡Salud"
  8. Portuguese, in Portugal: "Saúde!", In Brazil: "Tim-Tim!"
  9. Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic: "Skål!"
  10. Finnish: "Kippis!"
  11. Polish: "Na zdrowie!"
  12. Russian: "Wáshe zdarówje!"
  13. Chinese: "Gom bui!"
  14. Japanese: "Kanpai!"
  15. Hungarian: "Egészségére!"
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