Can Java developers make money doing freelance work?

Become self-employed as a programmer

Everyday life and business is becoming more and more IT-heavy, that should become clear to everyone without much thought. Regardless of whether you are surfing, paddling, shopping or booking online, software-based processes make everyday life easier with just a few clicks. With modern smartphones of the latest generation, the internet is always there, and with functional apps even the blackout blinds or the heating at home can be controlled remotely. In this respect, the need for professional services in this area is very great, especially since more and more business processes are being implemented or supported using software. If you want to become self-employed as a programmer, with the necessary expert knowledge you can land lucrative jobs that enable a high income and a maximum of self-determination. These are certainly the two greatest advantages of self-employment in this professional field. It is not uncommon for computer freaks (in a positive sense!) To successfully set up their own business with their passionate hobby. In the following article, central aspects as well as advantages and disadvantages are to be examined in a compact manner.

Business start-up: Well-founded expert knowledge is the basic requirement for professional success

If you want to become self-employed as a programmer or software developer, you have to no classic vocational training run through. In this industry in particular, it is not uncommon to acquire knowledge autodidactically over the years. Numerous educational institutes also offer so-called Distance learning courses in this area, which can definitely be seen as attractive professional development. Very often do themselves Graduates in computer science self-employed in this area, with the formal legitimation for higher fees thanks to the degree in your pocket. However, these should always be based on local or market norms. A quick research on this is enough to familiarize yourself with the approximate prices for certain programming services. Students have the advantage of being able to acquire a large pool of empirical values ​​during their studies. Internships also give them the chance to make their first contacts.

Programmers and the job market

The chances on the job market in the IT sector with a degree are very good, but on a self-employed basis it doesn't look any worse, on the contrary: For many smaller companies, some of which have a considerable investment backlog in terms of IT, cooperation is With Freelancers more flexible and cheaper, as there are no fixed or permanent personnel costs. This creates a very flexible opportunity for cooperation for both sides. And even large corporations like to work in project groups with freelance programmers, so that a broad and varied order base should result. The first formal step is that Registration at the tax office for so-called tax registration. Whether it is a freelance activity depends in each individual case on the exact type of activity. Tax offices decide here with a view to the individual case, especially since the list of freelance professions does not provide precise information about the programmer. If the tax office grants the status of freelancer, no business needs to be registered. A degree can help you qualify as a freelancer. It can also be of help if artistic and creative elements are offered in the sense of web design.

What personal requirements should a
bring an independent programmer?

A certain cliché has established itself in public perception, which budding self-employed programmers should not target: Accordingly, they are often seen as long-haired and coffee-dependent nerds who spend days tinkering in dark rooms to program new inventions. This satirical representation of the job description should have nothing to do with reality, because a successful software developer should strong communication skills and also team player to win big projects. In addition to the actual development work, coordination with customers comes first, so enjoying working with people is a basic requirement for long-term success. In working groups at larger companies, it can also happen that you have to work with other experts across industries. In this respect, every independent programmer should also be a good team player and a customer convincing service offer that specifically focuses on an attractive range of services. What is needed are reliable and individual software solutionsthat have a significant impact on business processes added value Offer. In the near future, especially the Development of apps be a profitable field of activity that programmers can earn good money with. In this respect, it is an advantage if you can already present customers with some finished products that have been developed in-house. Of course, good ones are essential Knowledge of the English language, because this shapes the technical language area like no other. Good analytical skills are also required in order to be able to offer tailor-made solutions. A big advantage of being self-employed is that the working hours can be chosen completely freely. Quite a few programmers like to work at night or in the evening, while others work very early. Depending on your own performance curve, the times can freely determined which leads to a high level of satisfaction. However, deadlines should be adhered to, which requires professional project management. Tasks and their implementation must be planned realistically in terms of time, customers should be involved in all important steps.

Update successful: What does a programmer need
(Software developer) on the 'screen'?

In addition to the personal skills already mentioned, the relevant Programming skills of course of critical importance for success. The more programming languages ​​you master, the more flexibly you can react to customer requests. Experienced programmers usually have no problems with quickly familiarizing themselves with new worlds. In-depth knowledge of PHP, Java and C ++ every programmer should bring along. Basically every programming language has its advantages and disadvantages, so you will hear 10 different opinions from 10 experts. A well-trained programmer is able to keep an eye on the current project and the customer's goals best possible solution to choose. In order to always be able to offer customers the best, programmers need to know always train and recognize the trends of the time. Internet technologies in particular are extremely fast-paced, so that no programmer will be able to rest forever on one and the same range of services. Anyone who can offer customers innovative services already has a major advantage over the competition. With convincing advice, the programmer can also personally convince customers of the advantages and sustainability of his software concept. In short: For professional success, a freelance programmer should always have his finger on the pulse of technical possibilities.

Make a good business card: the homepage as a convincing showroom

It actually goes without saying that a good and experienced programmer with his own homepage can do the best advertising for yourself. Potential customers should be able to clearly see and experience why they should use the professional services of this programmer. Successfully implemented projects can be presented effectively, and the broadest possible range of services should appeal to a large target group. For this purpose, it is necessary to analyze at regular intervals which services companies particularly need at the moment. Through measures to Search engine optimization the programmer can increase his visibility in a targeted manner in order to win orders. After a difficult start-up phase, recommendations and contacts quickly result in follow-up orders. Networks such as Xing should also be used consistently to build up a network and to market its professional services with a wide range.

Career 2.0 - becoming self-employed as a programmer (software developer): a conclusion

A big advantage of this job description is certainly its future viability, because more and more business processes will soon be software-based supported or handled. There are also numerous fields of action in the area of ​​apps, as more and more companies (including smaller ones) will be forced to invest in this area. Self-employed programmers can usually earn more than salaried colleagues, although long-term large-scale projects mean that they are not always exposed to the pressure of constantly having to land new projects or customers. The competition in this area is quite fierce, but in the long term there is a certain amount of competition Skilled labor shortage, so that programmers now and in the future have good cards to convince customers or companies with their services, especially since many companies really appreciate the advantages of free cooperation. So if you set yourself up broadly, get one good name as well as a big one network and always remains technically up to date, will be able to act very successfully and self-determined in the long term. In this respect, the classic dream of pursuing a career can work out completely for individuals who are self-employed. Basically, no investment costs are actually necessary, as long as a study with internet and telephone connection is available. The entrepreneurial risk therefore very low. Professional liability insurance can provide efficient protection against possible errors and the resulting costs.

Fact check as a decision-making aid for the path to self-employment as a programmer: central advantages / disadvantages in the overview

+ Advantages:

  • Future security of the professional field through an increasing IT-basedness
  • attractive income (often higher than compared to employed programmers)
  • flexible working hours, free time management depending on planning / project management
  • Faster start-up: low entrepreneurial risk as no large investments are required
  • low 'entry requirements' (a completed computer science degree is definitely an advantage)
  • a professionally designed homepage takes care of the job acquisition almost automatically
  • Freelancers only have very little accounting effort (income-surplus calculation for the annual tax return)

- Disadvantage:

  • Uncertain income base in the start-up phase, sometimes difficult order acquisition
  • constant willingness to continue training and to stay on the ball while working
  • It is not uncommon for there to be deadline pressure, as certain solutions have to work on X day
  • More personal responsibility: Programming errors can have serious consequences and be expensive: this is where professional liability insurance, which is sometimes expensive, can provide protection
  • the old-age provision and health insurance have to be paid for yourself (which is not a real problem in view of the high income and opens up excellent options in the private health insurance sector)