How are you unusual 1

How do they come
Ludwigsburg: clear inside at the moment?

How is your business currently?

I don't want to complain about that. We have recorded declines in sales, but since we, as a medical supply store, belong to the systemically relevant industries that offer medical supplies, we are allowed to have our operations open and continue to offer our services. Compared to other companies, we are doing better in this regard. At the moment I am assuming that our company will survive the crisis and that all jobs will be preserved.

What's good right now?

I think the willingness of people to stick together and help at almost all levels in these threatening times is very good. I also enjoy slowing down my otherwise hectic life. The crisis is really good for the climate and the environment.

What's next and what chances do you see?

Covid 19 is forcing the world to pause. Many people wonder if that is
So far, unstoppable progressing faster, higher and further is the right way. In any case, it is not healthy. The chance is that we are thinking about changing our priorities. I have read a saying that hits it pretty well: We should learn to do things with all our hearts that have no goal, are in no hurry and do not have to be worthwhile. Of course, that doesn't fit the principles of our performance society at all. And yet I would like to take a little of this philosophy with me when we start up the country again after the epidemic is over. It would definitely be healthier. I just lack the belief that this will happen, because we will roll up our sleeves, spit on our hands, pull the cart out of the mud and carry on as before.