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The automobile brand BMW stands for high-priced, comfortably equipped and powerfully motorized cars in a sporty, elegant design. The full range of products from BMW includes mainly Small and medium-sized cars also motorcycles and has subsidiary lines like BMW Mini, Rolls Royce and BMW M and BMW i. With BMW M, existing models are motorized more powerfully, while BMW i stands for sustainable and innovative solutions, such as being powered by an electric motor. Car series are located in the compact class, in the small car sector, in the middle class and in the upper middle class as well as in the upper class. The question now arises about the best BMW, there are various aspects and considerations to be considered. It is important how many people are to be transported, whether the car is intended for families or singles and whether more emphasis is placed on sporty driving pleasure or comfortable, elegant motorhome. The 3 Series BMW of the E46 series is one of the best-selling new cars and accordingly has a large range used cars. The car is expensive, but with six cylinders, the powerful rear-wheel drive typical of BMW, a sleek and elegant body as well as a comfortable interior and standard front, side and head airbags, it offers many convincing pluses. However, this one also has BMW its weaknesses, such as weak points on the axle and brakes. In different versions such as coupé, convertible or as a short compact model, this BMW 3 Series can convince even more and meet different demands.

BMW - exclusive quality and immense product variety

The 3 series from BMW is suitable for families who value a good value for money lay. But BMW also plays in the high-priced luxury class with its 5, 6 and 7 series. These solid cars offer exclusive quality with premium equipment and also meet the highest demands. The current BMW 750i from the 7 series offers, among other things, the V8 bit turbo, an eight-speed automatic, the integral active steering, the adaptive chassis, the TFT instrument display and a huge space convincing arguments and thus once again secures BMW its position in the premier class of automobiles. Other models from BMW are certainly interesting for singles, students or the new 18-year-old with a driver's license. With Compact car The automobile manufacturer offers fuel-saving, inexpensive and yet high-quality cars from BMW for the 1 series or the complete BMW Mini subsidiary line. The main focus of these cars is on efficiency and a balanced price-performance ratio. The BMW M line has a different target group in mind, the car enthusiastic and individual young man. With the BMW M models, BMW places even more emphasis on performance and special sporty enginesWith reference to motorsport or the designs by the renowned artist Jeff Koons, the M models are absolutely popular with the relevant target group. Finally lays too BMW Value on added value and has innovative solutions for the future with models from the i line, such as the electric motor as a drive. Which BMW is the best for you is decided based on your personal preferences. Due to the variety of products, you are sure to find the right and satisfactory car.


The latest BMW classifieds

BMW 218d

Active tourer EZ12 / 2015, 150PS diesel, Euro6, 80TKm, 8-fold tires, AHK, navigation system, reversing camera, new TÜV, new brakes VB 12500, -e E. P 01703465469

34119 Kassel, Germany


BMW 325i / E91,

Kombi, automatic, Bj. 12/2007, 215 PS, 6 cyl, Tü 4/23, 185 934 KM, 3rd hand, antrhz..metallic, summer and WR on aluminum, app. Clutch illustrated, radio CD, 6,800, - Euro, Tel. 06622/41152

34119 Kassel, Germany


To hobbyists:

BMW 520 Touring, ready to drive, 8-way aluminum rims, TÜV 04/22, FP 550, -e, Tel. 0157 30101932

58511 Lüdenscheid



BMW Z 3 topaz blue metallic,
118 hp, air conditioning, 1.9 l, single room 02 /
2002, HU / AU 04/2022.
175TKM km, VB 9000 €. ☎ 0151 /
17647043, [email protected]

This ad originally appeared in the ...

47877 Willich


BMW X 1 s-Drive

BMW X 1 s-Drive
black, diesel, manual transmission, 110 kW
(150 PS), automatic air conditioning, 1.995 l,
EZ 03/2016, HU / AU 03/2023, AHK,
GPS, garage w., Radio CD, seat heater
70500 km, 16,500.
☎ 0176-85636976
p.stein ...

41066 Mönchengladbach


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