How do you play Overwatch

This is what distinguishes the different classes in Overwatch

Overwatch's many heroes can be easily divided into three groups - Tank, Damage and Support. So it's very classic - as you know and love from many other games.

Tanks are the ones who rush forward heavily armored, directing the damage and thus protecting the teammates. If you would like to play yourself in the foreground, this is the right place for you. In their self-sacrificing efforts, tanks rely on the use of shields, force fields, and other means to protect themselves and their teammates in the heat of the moment. Good examples of are here Reinhardt, D.Va and Winston.

Damage- As the name suggests, heroes are responsible for dealing out as much damage as possible. They bring the big guns and their role is to take out the most dangerous opponents on the opposing team. Since they are good at handing out, but cannot take in, it is an advantage to be mobile. For more mobility on the map, they use things like teleportation devices, grappling hooks, etc. They are classic damage heroes Tracer, Genji and Junkrat.

Finally, we have those Support-Champions. These ensure that the team can concentrate on the fight without having to monitor their own health too much. Because they try supporters like Ana, Mercy and Lucio to keep it continuously high. Some also boost their teammates' skills, like the speed of the Damage heroes.

The roles of the players

Overwatch is a lot about the heroes. But behind every strong hero there is a strong player. And they can also be divided into categories:

The shot caller is often seen as the most important figure on the team. He is the person who coordinates the others and is "in charge". That means he chooses a short-term goal and everyone works towards it together. Notable examples are:
• Killing an important enemy
• Make sure everyone uses their ultimate ability on time
• Decide when to stop shooting the enemy
• Focus on the objective

The One trick was used as a derogatory term in the past. Today the community calls them One trick ponies. These players only have to focus on mastering a specific figure. Many think: These players don't have what it takes. But take a look at the Inaugural Season Overwatch League MVP: Sung-hyeon "JJoNak" Bang only plays the support Zenyatta - and convinces everyone!

The Deep pooler is pretty much the reverse role of the one-trick. These players focus more on mastering the game than on the perfection of a single hero. They often look for the one hero who is still missing in their team composition and thus offer flexibility and variety. Real team players.

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