How can parents monitor internet usage


  • Discover the Internet together with your child.

    Find interesting and exciting websites that match your child's age and research them together. Shared experiences make it easier to talk about positive and negative experiences when using the Internet.

  • Agree on rules.

    Agree on rules for using the internet and mobile phones. These can e.g. B. concern the amount of time, the content used, the handling of images and personal data or the costs. Rules are only effective if your child understands and accepts them.

  • Address the transfer of personal data.

    Talk to your child about the risks of careless data sharing on the Internet. Your child should only give their name, address, telephone number and personal photos after consulting you. Advise your child on how to protect their privacy.

  • Be careful when meeting online acquaintances.

    It is okay to meet acquaintances from the net - but only in public places (e.g. cinema center, café) and in the company of adults (or at least friends). Talk to your child about possible risks.

  • Discuss the truthfulness of online content.

    Show your child how this content on the Internet can be checked for correctness by using other sources for comparison. Advertising is also often difficult for children to see through.

  • Report illegal online content.

    Don't look away! Report child pornography or right-wing extremist content - e.g. B. at

  • Encourage your child to have good netiquette skills.

    There are rules on the internet too. To put it simply: what is allowed in real life is also allowed on the internet. What is forbidden in real life is also forbidden on the internet.

  • Find out about your child's media usage.

    Let your child show you the latest favorite sites, games or apps and try to understand why they think they are great. Make internet and cell phone use a familiar topic in your family.

  • Don't be too critical

    Don't be too critical of your child. Your child may come across inappropriate content by chance. Take this as an opportunity to discuss this content and agree on rules. But do not threaten your child with a ban on the Internet or mobile phones, this can seriously disrupt the relationship of trust with your child!

  • Don't forget: the opportunities of digital media outweigh the risks!

    The Internet and mobile phones are excellent media that can be used effectively for learning as well as for leisure. Encourage your child to use digital media consciously and to explore all opportunities. With guidance, the risks can be limited very well.