What is commercial trading

Non-commercial use

Non-commercial (commercial) use is any non-profit use. The following are cases for non-commercial use:

  1. Personal use for your own purposes.
  2. Recommendations for friends.
  3. Local weather monitoring for small communities.
  4. Personal weather observation and storm chasing.
  5. Family, club or organization website.
  6. Research;
  7. Development of common products.
  8. Social services.
  9. Disaster relief.

For the use of our public information offer (which is available on the meteoblue website) we consider the following uses as non-commercial:

  • Websites with fewer than 100 visitors per day;
  • Websites from which the public information offered by meteoblue is accessed less than 100 times a day.
  • Websites that exceed one of the above limits but meet one of the above-mentioned cases 4, 8 or 9.

Some examples of non-commercial use:

  • The website of a hotel or resort that uses the weather widget for 1-3 locations.
  • The website of a company that uses the weather widget for 1-10 locations.
  • The website of a hiking organization that uses 24 time steps from our meteoMaps.
  • The website of a racetrack with over 1,000 daily users, which only makes 24 queries per day to the weather widget by using a CACHE function to call up the information only once an hour.
  • A data request to do a thesis.
  • A website that uses our publicly available historical weather information for educational or disaster relief purposes.

For non-commercial use, the following is necessary in any case:

  • A direct link from the non-commercial page with the weather content of meteoblue on www.meteoblue.com, so that the page is called up for the same location.
  • For publications: an indication of the source with reference to www.meteoblue.com, as well as the sending of a PDF copy of the publication to [email protected] within 3 months of publication.
  • For use in private systems: a brief description (at least 30 words) of the intended use.
  • For use in private energy management systems or for comparing weather data from different sources: a report on the results (energy savings, other services) within 12 months after installation (at least 1 DINA-4 page with data and explanations). "
  • Use only on pages that do not reproduce any illegal, racist, discriminatory or youth-endangering content.
  • Compliance with our terms and conditions.

meteoblue reserves the right to request further information and to decide on the treatment of the application after its own assessment of the request.

Commercial use

Commercial use exists if:

  • The use of the weather information serves to make a profit;
  • The weather information is used to create other commercial products;
  • The weather information is used to generate advertising revenue.
  • The weather information is resold.
  • The weather information requires more than 100 direct web requests per day from www.meteoblue.com.

Some examples of commercial use:

  • Websites that are (co-) financed by third-party advertising;
  • Websites sponsored by large organizations;
  • Websites aimed at paying customers;
  • Publications aimed at a paying user community.
  • Review of meteoblue data for product development.

For commercial use, meteoblue offers services for business customers. In individual cases, discounts can be made possible in exchange for consideration.

If you have special requirements, please contact us!

The license to use the meteoblue content under the Creative Commons license applies as follows:

category License type abbreviation
Links to website content Attribution BY
Images and representations (unchanged) Attribution + No Derivatives CC BY-ND
Data Attribution + Non-commercial + No Derivatives CC BY-NC-ND