How accurate is the secret book


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Reviewed in Germany on July 1, 2019

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What did I do when I was 23? No matter, but I would certainly not have been able to publish a really well thought-out book with several levels of activity at that age, which is very exciting to read and presents a great story.
Carina Zacharias did just that when the author published this book two years ago.
The content has already been summarized in many other reviews. So I save myself that. Here is my reading experience:
At the beginning I smirked a bit. I found a typo on the first few pages. Then there is the death of Grandma, which is so "practical" for the story. Because that's the only reason Katta can no longer ask her grandmother what the book is all about. The whole tension of the book is based on this: Grandma is about to die after Katta learns that Grandma already knows the book.
Now she's trying to find out what Grandma had to do with the book. And then there is a nun who runs a school all by herself, the last remaining sister, that used to be run only by nuns. Here, too, a smile. Something like that does not exist. No convent leaves a sister completely alone. Nowhere is a nun "the last of her kind". Before that happens, convents are dissolved, merged or nuns from dissolved orders join another order. Nuns and monks have decided to live in a community. When there are only two or three left, you resolve that and don't wait until there's only one left.
When a book starts like this, you can quickly get caught up in the thought: where was the editing? Where does the proofreading? Especially since there are a few more points that just happen to play ring-tailed lemons. After her grandmother's death, Katta walks through her house several times alone. where are the adults who are there to sort out important things? Why is she browsing there alone? I would not have done it at that age, even if I knew the deceased well.
But I think, firstly: Anyone who wants to hang on to such little things is welcome to do it better first.
And secondly: Nobody should overlook the outstanding achievement in interweaving the storylines so skilfully and telling a book within a book, as Carina Zacharias does here. The story of the book the book is about is told over and over again. Several storylines run side by side: the search for the secret behind the book, the story of this secret book itself, Katta's relationship with Moriz, her "standing" in summer school and Katta's friendship with her best friend.
Interweaving all of this is difficult enough. In addition to the main strands and the story of the mysterious book, the author also puts the flashbacks in the Zwit, so the grandma was a young woman and the secret book was only just being created.
All of this is very, very well thought out and shows the creativity and craftsmanship of the author. That made a big impression on me!
I don't have to repeat that the story is exciting, worth reading and well told. The rents here are rightly all great.
I am very happy for the author, I wish her all success in this world.