What were the treasures that were discovered by chance?

Bronze Age treasure discovered by accident Swedish amateur researcher finds 2500 year old treasure

From Markus Brauer
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A Swedish hobby researcher makes the find of his life: while taking a walk, he happens to find a treasure from the Bronze Age. At first he thought it was scrap metal.

Alingsas - A hobby cartographer accidentally found a 2500 year old Bronze Age treasure in Sweden. The approximately 50 pieces of jewelry and other relics are one of the "most spectacular and largest" such finds from the Bronze Age that have ever been made in the northern European country, the authorities in the town of Alingsas in southwest Sweden announced.

Among the finds are some “very well-preserved necklaces and clasps” made of bronze from the period between 750 and 500 BC. The authorities said the objects were in front of some rocks in a forest. Animals would probably have dug them up among the rocks.

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The alleged scrap is 2500 years old

Tomas Karlsson, who discovered the treasure, initially thought the pieces were rubbish. "It looked like scrap metal," he told the newspaper "Dagens Nyheter". "At first I thought: Is there a lamp there?"

Even on closer inspection, he was skeptical. “The pieces looked so new. I thought these were fakes, ”said Karlsson. Nevertheless, he turned to the local authorities, who then sent archaeologists to the site.

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"Most of the finds are made of bronze and can be attributed to a woman of high position in society," said Professor Johan Ling from the University of Gothenburg. In addition to necklaces and bracelets, clasps were also found, which apparently held clothes made of wool together.