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With STRATO you can check the domain availability of your desired address on the Internet within a very short time and completely free of charge: Simply enter the domain name of your choice in the search field at the top and select the desired domain extension - the so-called "top-level domain" (for example: .de or .com). If your desired domain is still available, it is best to buy it cheaply via STRATO.

You can book other interesting Internet addresses and domain endings directly after the domain check if you wish. Also in combination with a suitable hosting package, website builder or web shop. As an experienced provider, we have Solutions for every need and for every budget. Your start in the network will be a smooth one. It is just as easy to move an existing domain from your old provider to STRATO. A few clicks are enough - we will do the rest. Your advantages with STRATO:

  • Secure free domains quickly - even before your competition
  • Choose from many popular top-level domains
  • Permanently low domain prices
  • No setup fee for registration
  • We take care of the registration or the domain transfer
  • Domain forwarding to an existing website is possible
  • Use optional additional offers such as cheap hosting

A unique name for your website

Ever more memorable and more concise Your address is on the World Wide Web, the easier it is for customers and prospects to find your content and offers - and the easier it is for your name to get around. Having a unique domain name is an important one Key to success. It sets you apart from the competition and helps you to be remembered.

You can choose from a wide variety of combinations. Depending on the tariff, you can even use special characters and umlauts for your domain. Combined with a distinctive top-level domain (TLD), you can give your private homepage or company website one distinctive appearance - regionally and worldwide. A unique, memorable domain name rounds off your website.

TLDs for everyone

Top-level domains (or TLDs for short) reveal something about Origin, language or type of website. The domain extension .de refers, for example, to Germany, .com often stands for international (commercial) sites, .org however, for (non-commercial) organizations. In addition to city-related top-level domains such as .Berlin or .Hamburg there are also branch-related endings such as .photography or .pics for photo pages. You can book these and many other variants at STRATO.

If you are active internationally or are planning to do so, you should consider further Variants of your desired domain check - especially if the domain name contains your company name or brand name. So it is useful, for example, next to one .de-Domain also the right one .eu- or .com-Domain to register. If you would like to be present in other countries, other specific top-level domains are also available.

Anyway, it's worth it to plan ahead and think carefully about which domains you may still need in the future. Perhaps you would like to start a project website under a fancy name as part of a marketing campaign? Or supplement your website with a blog? Or would you like to realize different projects and publish each one under its own internet address? Then it is worthwhile to check and secure several domains at the same time.

To the domain offers

The right domain name for businesses

When looking for the right Internet address for your company website, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • A meaningful domain namethat is unique and unmistakable and that customers can also easily remember has the best chance of success.
  • The Company name or a Brand name are often also good domain names. Combine this with a concise top-level domain.
  • Internationally active companies ideally combine the domain name with the top-level domains from the countries of their customers.
  • In addition to classic domain endings such as .de, .eu, .com, .org, .net And Co. is meanwhile open to you a large number of new domain extensions.
  • New domain extensions like .insurance, .marketing or .property make it clear at a glance in which industry you are active. Local domain extensions like .Berlin, .Hamburg or .Bavaria are ideal if the focus is local.
  • When looking for domains for your company website, you should not only think about your company name, but also where applicable Combine terms that your customers are looking for on the Internet. Create possible domain names from your service and a location, for example, if you act as a local service provider.
  • Even top-level domains like .Shop, .shopping, .restaurant or .club signal at first glance what your site is about.
  • Get the most important ones Keywords for your business area as a domain to then redirect it to your website.
  • Draw attention to your online project when you choose the new .gay domain extension. Your target group is clearly defined and you also make a statement on the LBGTQ movement.
  • Special characters and umlauts are possible depending on the package and domain ending. However, keep in mind that your customers must also have these characters on their keyboard in order to be able to dial your Internet address with ease. The layout of the input elements may vary depending on the country or region. If in doubt, you should therefore avoid characters that are too “exotic” in the domain name.

Domain occupied: what to do?

Each domain is unique and may only be registered for one person or organization. And depending on the top-level domain different registration authorities responsible for the award. The .deDomain is administered, for example, by the German Network Information Center (DENIC). If you put your desired address in the Domain query mask by STRATO, this will be automatically compared with the registration lists of the responsible registry and you will find out immediately whether your desired domain is still available.

If it is already "occupied", you will see this immediately in the domain check. In any case, we will suggest you then Alternatives and other top-level domains that are still available and that might interest you. If necessary, your desired name can also be easily changed. It is best to secure your desired address (es) right away, before someone comes forward to meet you! At STRATO you can buy your desired domain (s) cheaply immediately after the domain check.

The option "Add" appears behind every domain that is still available. With just one click you can then place your desired domain (s) in the STRATO shopping cart. Then choose how you want to use your domain: As a new Internet address with a detour on your existing website or in combination with a suitable one Hosting package.

Registration & domain transfer

After you have checked the domain availability of your desired name and ordered one or more free domains, we will take care of the formalities with the responsible registry. This saves you time and effort. Even if you move an existing domain from another provider to STRATO or would like to sell the domain at some point, we would be happy to relieve you of the hassle. In this case, too, carry out the domain check. If you enter your existing domain, you will be informed that it is already taken. That also corresponds to the facts. In the next step, click on "Transfer Domain" and start the ordering process. All we need from you as additional information is the AuthInfo code Your previous provider. We'll do the rest.

thanks to the DNS setting options, which belong to every domain package at STRATO, all domains can be redirected to the main address if necessary. If you then decide, for example, that it makes sense to have a separate website for each country, you can resolve these redirects and assign them to the relevant websites as soon as they exist.

Basic functions of the STRATO domain package

With our domain package, the most important features included: It offers you a basic web business card with which you can have a presence on the Internet and easily publish the most important data about your project on the Internet. In addition, you have a Mailboxwhich you can access via POP3 or IMAP. Alternatively, your mails to the new e-mail address that match the domain can also be forwarded to another e-mail address.

Start a free and non-binding domain query and secure your desired domains at fair prices!

Expand flexibly at any time

With your dream domain at STRATO you have many options. You can combine your domain package with other STRATO products at any time if required - even later:

  • By Homepage builder create a professionally designed website in no time, even without programming knowledge.
  • With a Hosting package put your self-written pages online or install content management systems (e.g. Typo3), blogs (e.g. via WordPress - we recommend the special WordPress hosting package here), wikis, galleries and much more with just a few clicks.
  • With a Webshop get your online business up and running quickly and easily.

Since we offer the webshop, hosting and website construction kit packages in different tariff levels you will always find a package that meets your needs. Feel free to ask our team of experts, who will be happy to assist you by email and telephone - or browse through our extensive FAQ database.

"Whois" domain query: who is behind which domain?

Short, concise internet addresses are understandably in demand. If the perfect domain is already out of stock, it can be worth contacting the owner - because domains that have been registered are not always actually in use. A query from the Whois database the respective registration authority.

Purpose of a whois domain database

"Who is" (English) means in German: "who is" - and there is a whois query Information about the owners of Internet domains and IP addresses. Every registry is obliged to keep a Whois domain database according to international standards so that users can find the contact details of the domain owner and the administrative contact person (AdminC) for each website. In addition to the imprint, a Whois query also provides the information required to contact the operator of a website.

When does a Whois query make sense?

First and foremost, this service offers the possibility of in the event of technical problems or legal disputes to find the right contact person. Anyone interested in a domain that has already been assigned can identify the domain owner in this way and submit an offer for the corresponding Internet address. With a bit of luck, you can purchase an out of stock domain at a moderate price.

This is how you proceed with the Whois domain check

If you enter the term “whois” in a search engine, numerous websites are listed on which the contact details of domain owners can be found. On pages like https://who.is/ Internet users can query information on various top-level domains quickly and easily.

Since Whois domain databases are always managed by the respective domain name registry, a query can also be made directly via the website of the relevant administrative office. information about .deDomains are available free of charge from DENIC's Whois service. You can find an overview of other registries for generic and new top-level domains in the ICANN registry listing.

Data protection at STRATO

We take the protection of your personal data seriously and process all the information you provide to us strict German data protection. In the course of domain registration, however, we are obliged to forward certain personal data to the respective registration office. When registering a .deDomain, for example, certain information is transmitted to DENIC and recorded in a Whois domain database. Which data is stored there and made available for a Whois query depends on the one hand on the respective registration authority and on the other hand on the use of the registered domain.

An overview about the information in the public Whois domain databases of various registration authorities can be found here

Therefore do the domain check at STRATO

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  • Domain query result in a matter of seconds
  • Secure free domain (s) of your choice directly
  • Domain registration with no setup fee
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  • Permanently fair prices
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