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Back-Show on Sat.1: "The big celebrity baking" 2019: Who won?

In the Sat 1-Backstube has been stirred, kneaded, decorated, decorated and shaped by celebrities since February 16, 2019: Eight prominent candidates faced the critical eyes and taste buds of jury members Betty Schliephake-Burchardt and Christian Hümbs. In the end, winter sports star Evi Sachsenbacher-Stehle was able to win the "Golden Cupcake" and 10,000 euros in donations. In front of the cameras, she was very happy to see the trophy right away. Besides her, Ingolf Lück and Jasmin Wagner were in the finals of "Das große Promibacken" 2019.

"The big celebrity baking" 2019: These were the celebrity candidates on the back show

Winner and winter sports star Evi Sachsenbacher-Stehle

Five Olympic medals, six World Cup medals and ten World Cup victories: Evi Sachsenbacher-Stehle is one of the best cross-country skiers and biathletes in Germany.

When Evi Sachsenbacher-Stehel took part in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, she was able to take fourth place in the biathlon mass start. In a doping test after the competition, however, methylhexanamine was found in the urine of the athlete. Due to the positive doping test, the athlete was excluded from the German Olympic team, she was banned for two years. After a lawsuit by the athlete, the doping ban was reduced to six months.

At the beginning of 2017, Evi took second place in the competition show "Ewige Helden". At the format's winter special in December 2018, the athlete took first place shortly after the birth of her daughter Mina.

Actress Jasmin Wagner

Jasmin Wagner is probably best known to the kids of the 90s under the pseudonym "Blümchen". Because under her stage name Jasmin Wagner conquered the German and international stages in the 1990s.

Jasmin Wagner recorded her first album at the age of 16. "Heart Rate" was published in May 1996. In 2000, Jasmin announced the end of "Blümchen" and withdrew from the public for the time being.

But now Jasmin Wagner has returned, this time with a different passion: As an actress, she can be seen on stage in various productions and theaters. But Jasmin cannot say goodbye to music completely: On December 12, 2018, Jasmin Wagner officially confirmed that she will make her stage comeback as Blümchen on March 30, 2019 in the Veltins-Arena.

Multi-talent Ingolf Lück

If you can call someone a multi-talent, it is certainly Ingolf Lück. He's a comedian, actor, presenter, voice actor and director rolled into one. Ingolf Lück started out in a very conventional way at various theaters.

His breakthrough in TV came with the "Wochenshow", which ran from 1996 to 2002 Sat 1 was seen. Ingolf Lück was the presenter and actor in the sketches.

After his engagement at the "Wochenshow" Ingolf Lück was in the ProSiebenComedy series "Das Büro" and in the Sat 1-Sitcom to see "The Doc". This was followed by his own directorial work and the sketch comedy "Lucky Lück". Last but not least: Lück was the shining winner of the 2018 RTL-Dance show "Let's dance".

Influencer and advisor author Sami Slimani: YouTuber

Sami Slimani started his career in 2009 as a high school graduate - on YouTube as "Mr. Tutorial". In the meantime he has become one of the most famous German YouTubers and influencers. In addition to his YouTube career, the Stuttgart native is also successful as a presenter, designer and voice actor.

In 2014 Sami, together with his two sisters Lamiya and Dounia, published the book "The Slimani Principle", in which they not only write about their lives, but also give tips on styling and care.

But Sami is also traveling alone: ​​From May 2014 until the end of the channel in December 2018, the YouTube star was a presenter VIVA Germany active.

Singer Gil Ofarim

Gil Ofarim is the son of the internationally known singer Abi Ofarim (1937-2018) and his third wife Sandra. At the turn of the millennium, Gil Ofarim's career also changed: in 2003, the musician and his band performed as support for Jon Bon Jovi in ​​Munich's Olympic Stadium, thus transforming from teen idol to real rocker.

In addition, Gil Ofarim was seen more and more on television. In 2012 the musician took part in the second season of "The Voice of Germany" with his brother Tal, where he made it to the quarter-finals with the Xavier Naidoo team. In the summer of 2018, Gil Ofarim won the ProSieben-Production "Beat the Star" against Pietro Lombardi.

Presenter and musical performer Marijke Amado

"Mini Playback Show": That is probably the first thing many of us think of when we hear the name Marijke Amado. It was only by chance that Marijke ended up in the television business. An encounter with Rudi Carrell on a cruise was the beginning of Marijke Amado's TV career. In 1990 she became Carrell's assistant for his show "Amlauf Band" and took over the moderation of the "Mini Playback Show". When Marijke Amado finally left the show in 1998, Jasmin Wagner - one of Marijke's contestants this year for "Das große Promibacken" - took over the moderation of the children's program.

Marijke was then seen in numerous other TV formats and also appeared in several musicals. In 2013 Marijke Amado moved into "Celebrity Big Brother" and was able to get third place there.

Boxer Axel Schulz

26 wins in 33 professional fights: The former heavyweight boxer Axel Schulz can look back on a remarkable career. Axel began boxing at the age of eleven in the GDR, where he won several championship titles.

In the spring of 1995, the boxer unexpectedly got the chance to compete against reigning world champion George Foreman. Contrary to many predictions, Axel Schulz did very well in the match against the defending champion, even if he could not get the win. Nevertheless, the defeat turned out to be a success for Axel Schulz: he became internationally famous overnight.

In 1999 Axel Schulz retired from boxing after losing a fight against European champion Wladimir Klitschko. Since then, the former boxer can be seen regularly in various TV formats, including, for example, "Sat 1-Promiboxes ".

Singer, dancer, presenter and fitness trainer Fernanda Brandao

The Brazilian-German singer, dancer, presenter and fitness trainer Fernanda Brandao started out in the band "Hot Banditoz", but even before that she was a professional dancer in many music clips and stage performances by successful artists such as P! Nk, Enrique Iglesias, Seeed, Sarah Connor and Rick Astley seen.

When her band "Hot Banditoz" split up in 2010, the singer started her television career. In 2011 Fernanda Brandao was on the jury for the eighth season of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" with Dieter Bohlen and Patrick Nuo.

In July 2015 Fernanda competed against Sophia Thomalla on "Schlag den Star". Fernanda Brandao was also able to convince in the dance show "Deutschland tanzt" and took third place in the final behind Kassandra Wedel and Oliver Pocher. (AZ)