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Tamil - A language that has not yet been explored - My mother tongue - Rathes Sachchithananthan

Today is the "International Mother Language Day". A day of remembrance proclaimed by UNESCO. A day of remembrance to “promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism”. And on this day I would like to try to explain my dreams and wishes regarding Tamil to you in a small, spontaneously written article.

Tamil is an ancient language. A very old language. So old that Tamil has a literary history that goes back more than 2000 years. Just imagine how many years ago the language appeared for the first time. Ancient Tamil, so it is said by historians, came for the first time around 300 BC. BC before. In doing so, one always refers to the first finds of writings. The problem is that it is still not clear what happened to Tamils ​​before. Or what happened to the Dravids, that's the name given to the ethnic group to which the Tamils ​​also belong. To this day it is not known whether we are an autochthonous people or not. So to this day it is not known whether we have always been in India / Sri Lanka or whether we were before 300 BC. Moved somewhere else. While the Indo-Aryans have already researched this extremely far, the traces among us Dravids have not yet been explored that far. If our people can one day live in peace, without problems, then we could finally deal with it. I would like to look into that. Just imagine expeditions like at Indiana Jones, where you explore your own language. Can it only be extremely exciting, can't it?

Tamil is not supposed to become extinct

I definitely speak this old language. I speak tamil. Quite good in fact. It's just my mother tongue, which I learned as the first language and until I was three years old. Only then did I learn other languages ​​such as German, English, Spanish, etc. As a result, I really think everything in Tamil and whenever I speak I translate what I think into the languages. Well, I'm good at Tamil. But unfortunately there are many who do not speak their own mother tongue. Even if you can use the excuse of Tamils ​​living in exile that you grow up in a foreign country with a foreign culture, you should still be able to speak your own language, the language of your own roots. Much worse, however, is the fact that even in Tamil Nadu (India) or here in Tamil Eelam, many no longer speak Tamil as well. Of course everyone there can speak Tamil, but many only speak everyday language. As soon as it gets more complex, a conversation will be held in English. The problem that fewer people speak Tamil is not because of their location, but rather with society. Many are of the opinion that with Tamil you can't get very far in the world and you have to use English instead. That's true too, but that only applies internationally. In Tamil Nadu at a local company, Tamil should be considered the standard language and not English. I even met professors in Tamil Nadu whose Tamil was worse than my little brother's. That is not a good thing. If this continues, Tamil will die out. But it shouldn't.

Learning Tamil is not difficult

At first glance, Tamil looks like a difficult language. Sure, we have 247 letters, 8 cases, 3 almost identical-sounding "l" sounds and so on. That looks difficult compared to German. But it really isn't. Because compared to many other ancient languages ​​such as Chinese, Tamil has a lot of system in writing and grammar. For example, 216 of the 247 letters are simply combinations of the 30 remaining letters, which in turn can be divided into 12 vowels and 18 consonants. And even the vowels can be divided into. There is அ (short 'a') and ஆ (long 'a'). The grammar also has some tricks and tricks that you can learn the language damn quickly. It really works. In the half semester that I ’studied T Tamil at the University of Cologne (basically I just watched the others learn), my fellow students knew the grammar and the writing. And that even though they didn't even know the language at first.

I would also like to help out in this area. I have thought of a concept how I can easily convey Tamil to all people. For me as a web developer, it goes through the web, of course. But how I want to go about it is interesting. Wait and see.
Tamil makes the Tamil

I would like to end this post by saying that everyone should learn Tamil Tamil. How every French should be able to speak French, every German the German language and every British the English. Everyone their mother tongue, the language of their roots. I find this very important, especially with Tamils, because we are a minority all over the world and even our own country does not belong to us. Language is our greatest means of identification.