Why does my iPad crash?

iPad apps close without warning? This helps.

Apps sometimes failing and closing out of the blue can be related to running out of memory on your iPad. Incidentally, this also applies to the iPhone. This is due to the fact that when writing temporary data, the app tried to write to a memory area that was already in use. An error occurs that crashes the app.

Incidentally, such inadmissible write access can also occur if a developer has programmed the app incorrectly.

Free up memory so that iPad apps don't quit

Now the “simple” answer is: you need to free up disk space to prevent this from happening. Now you could delete photos, music and documents. But there is a trick you can use to save memory in several places in many different apps.

Turn off location services to save memory

In fact, you open the Settings app at Privacy> Location Services. You can either switch off the location services completely or set them individually app by app.

If you allow apps to access the location services, even indefinitely in the background, they will constantly save temporary data on your whereabouts.

Exit and restart apps

Another way that can help rid iPad apps of their unstable existence is to close the apps. To do this, open the app overview, for example on a newer iPad Pro by swiping your finger up a little from the lower edge and letting your finger stay on the display for a short time. The app overview opens, in which you can now "wipe away" the windows. That means their end. On older devices, it is sufficient to press the home button twice to call up the app overview.