Bioinformatics is no different from data science

How much do bioinformaticians earn?

High salaries in management positions and in personnel responsibility

Those who bear a lot of responsibility are rewarded accordingly. A doctorate is often required for management positions. However, it pays off: In the economy, the top earners among bioinformaticians have a monthly gross of more than 7,000 euros. Such top salaries are, however, the exception rather than the rule. The value for the third quartile in the table above provides a rough guide.

Salary factors company size and industry

In many cases, the size of the company is also reflected in the salary: Small and medium-sized companies can usually not keep up with the wages that large corporations pay their employees. The average monthly gross amount of a bioinformatician is in companies ...

  • ... up to 500 employees at 4,337 euros,
  • ... with 501 to 1,000 employees at € 4,692,
  • ... with over 1,000 employees at 5,160 euros.

Source: Salary

The large corporations in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as in medical technology usually pay well above average. In biotechnology, on the other hand, salaries for bioinformaticians are often comparatively low. A change in industry can definitely lead to a salary jump.