Are there MOOCs on the stock markets

Learn stock market trading online: Become an expert with these video courses

Lots Banks and fund providers provide their customers with information on all aspects of stock exchange trading.

Often, however, this is primarily the case own product moved to the fore.

We therefore asked ourselves: You can do it on the internet too from independent institutionslearn about trading securities?

In fact there already is some online courses well-known organizations and universities. Both stock market beginners and experts can expand their knowledge in video courses there.

  • Exchange basics: Deutsche Börse offers in its Capital Markets Academy 8 free video training courses in German. It is about the basics of stock exchange trading, but also about expert topics such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). (continue to course)
  • Investment for beginners: In its online course, the University of Zurich shows how investment decisions should be made and which mistakes should be avoided. (continue to course)
  • Stock trading: Raimund Brichta is widely known as the presenter of the television program "Tele-Börse". In his video course at Lecturio, he explains briefly the basics of investing in stocks. (continue to course)
  • Financial markets: Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller is a professor at Yale University. In his MOOC (massive open online course) at Coursera, he gives a comprehensive introduction to the financial markets. (to the course) (more information about this course)
  • Asset classes and risk: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has a video course at edX that analyzes the pricing and risk classes of various investment instruments in relatively detail. Ideally, you should already have a basic knowledge of stocks and bonds for the course. (to the course)
  • Portfolio management: The University of Geneva gives a very detailed insight into professional investment management in a series of 5 MOOCs. In particular, balanced portfolio management plays an important role here. (continue to the course series)
  • Options: The successful options trader Kal Zurn provides participants with no prior knowledge in his online course with basic knowledge about options. Exercise prices, calls and puts and much more are explained in about 2 hours. (continue to course)
  • Emerging Markets: Securities trading in emerging markets often works differently than in developed markets. In its MOOC series at Coursera, the Indian School of Business shows learners which specific trading strategies can possibly lead to success there. (continue to the course series)
  • Bitcoins: A short video course from a Bitcoin expert gives a comprehensive first introduction to cryptocurrency. You will learn how bitcoins and blockchain work and how to trade and store bitcoins. (continue to course)
  • Behavioral Finance: Anyone who wants to know how human decision-making works and what mistakes are made in the finance sector can learn this in the MOOC at Duke University (USA). (continue to course)
  • Artificial intelligence / machine learning: A course by Udacity and GeorgiaTech shows how certain trading strategies can be implemented with computer support using AI technology and machine learning. The course is part of a nanodegree series on the subject of artificial intelligence in stock market trading. (to the course)
  • Public limited company (law): The University of Bonn offers a public online lecture on the subject of stock corporation law. Corporate governance, the board of directors, the supervisory board, the general meeting and capital measures of the AG are explained in detail there. (to the course)

With some of the online courses listed here, you can learn for free (sometimes the content is free and only an optional certificate has to be paid for).

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