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Sailboat types: a little digression into shipbuilding

The different types and types of a sailboat or a sailing yacht are distinguished in addition to the shape of the hull, primarily according to the rigging / rigging of the sailboat. The terms rigging can roughly be used synonymously for the entirety of masts, sails and ropes. The following types of sailboats are characterized:

Kat rigging (smaller sailing boat with one mast behind which the main sail is guided; no other sails), sloop (sailing boat with a single mast, mainsail, headsail, optional spinnaker), ketch (sailing boat with two masts, one main mast and a smaller one Mizzen mast, which is attached aft; very popular with blue water sailors), yawl (is very similar to the ketch; sailboat with over two masts), schooner (sailboat with two masts, the front mast being smaller or the same size as the rear mast ), Gaff schooner (sailing boat that has at least two masts and is named after its rigging, the gaff rig), cutter (a special feature of the cutter is the characteristic hull shape. The stem is almost vertical and the sailboat tapers at the bow and stern The typical sailing cutter has one mast and is driven with two or three foresails).

A sailboat is also differentiated in terms of hull shape (S-frame, U-frame and chine) and type and shape of the underwater hull (sword boats, keel boats and sailboats with rigid keel or keel fin, among the latter also long keelers, short keelers and moderate short keelers).
For regatta purposes, the sailboat is divided into boat classes that regulate the structural characteristics of a sailboat type to a greater or lesser extent.

Propulsion: How does the sailboat move?

A sailing boat is propelled by a combination of wind pressure in the sails, the air flow around the sails and the opposing resistance of the underwater hull in the water. From a physical point of view, this is a vector addition of several forces acting on the sailboat, which, depending on the course to the wind, require an adjustment of the sail position (sail trim).

From a certain size, a sailing boat can be equipped with a motor to bridge lulls or to better maneuver in port. For a smaller sailboat this is often an outboard motor, for a larger sailboat it is a built-in motor.

Building materials: what is your sailboat made of?

Traditionally, a sailboat is made of wood, which is given a protective coating with varnish. Since the middle of the 20th century, more modern boat building materials such as fiberglass or carbon fiber reinforced plastics or steel or aluminum have been used in sailboat construction. Shrouds and stage are mostly made of Nirosta steel cables, the lines for operating the sails are made of synthetic fibers. The sails of a sailing boat, which used to be made of linen or cotton, are now made of synthetic fibers or foils.

Which manufacturers of your sailboat are there?

The world's largest manufacturers of yachts, boats and ships include Dufour and Beneteau in France and Bavaria Yachtbau and HanseYachts in Germany. Search with us for cheap top models of these and other sailboat boat builders such as Azimut, Bayliner, Princess, Dehler or Elan and discover your favorite sailboat! Regardless of what water sports passion you pursue - whether sailing, cruising, water skiing, fishing or speed boating - you will find the right sailing boat in the boatoon.com BOOTSBĂ–RSE.

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