What is a quintessential life

A tree gives life. He is constant. He grants life, but his own remains undiminished.

Indian wisdom

Its roots penetrate deep into the earth and are deeply rooted, its branches reach high into the sky. The tree is the timeless symbol of our life. He is a symbol of balance; The union of above and below; a symbol of balance and harmony. It stands for renewal, rebirth, the indestructible power of life.

Regardless of whether it stands alone in the landscape or in community with many others, the tree always remains unique, an individual and yet part of a whole.

Old trees are symbols of growth and decay, give us the feeling of timelessness and create awareness of the role and lifespan of each individual. The aging of trees is a positive process: the older a tree is, the more it looks and radiates. It can be found in all cultures, grows green and blooms forever and its fruits represent health, youth and immortality.

The custom of planting a tree for the birth of a child or at the wedding, the so-called tree of life, which should accompany you through life, is still widespread today. The tree is just like us humans: each and every one is unique, unmistakable. The tree of life represents the epitome of all that life means.

We would like to accompany you accordingly:
Our aim is individual and personal support through all phases in a woman's life.

From the first steps of development in the womb, birth and childhood, puberty and adolescence, in the years of fertility and extensive changes to menopause and old age - we are at your side with advice and action and accompany you through calm and stormy times Times of your life.