What is code block in programming


Development environments usually differentiate between different build processes for different program versions. Usually a version for debugging and a so-called release version. The release version is the finished product that should run in a highly optimized manner. The build process should therefore run in a highly optimized manner and must not contain any debug information. The debug version should not be compiled in an optimized way (this saves time) and should contain additional information which should help with troubleshooting.

Which configuration should be used can be set in the 'Build' menu:

The exact configurations for a build target can be called up in the menu item 'Build options' for the project:

Here we can see right away why a development environment is a challenge for a C beginner that I didn't want to take on at the beginning of the tutorial. Hundreds of switches can be adjusted somehow and that is not to be expected of a beginner.

The configuration can be selected on the left.

It doesn't hurt to get an initial overview of the settings. In the next few lessons, we'll take a closer look at the more interesting areas of debuggers, compilers, and linkers.