Is peanut butter bad for gastritis

Can peanuts contaminated with aflatoxins cause gastrointestinal upset?

We cannot judge whether your stomach ache is actually coming from the nuts or possibly other foods or dishes that you ate on the same day.

A gastrointestinal upset usually does not arise when consuming aflatoxin-containing food. Aflatoxins are particularly harmful when consumed regularly and can then have a carcinogenic effect. If the peanuts were actually contaminated with aflatoxins, there is nothing you can do afterwards. But you don't need to worry about consumption either.

Basically, our senses protect us from eating moldy foods. You say that the taste was "strange" - but there is a high probability that you would not have liked to eat any more peanuts contaminated with mold.

Another cause of your symptoms would be that the fat in the peanuts has already started to go rancid. The threshold from which one can recognize a rancid taste is very different from one individual to another. If you consume large amounts of rancid nuts, it can definitely lead to gastrointestinal upset.

If your symptoms persist, we advise you to see a doctor. Otherwise, we recommend that you avoid foods that are difficult to digest for the next few days - such as cabbage, whole grain products, raw vegetables, etc. - in order to relieve your gastrointestinal tract. Teas with caraway seeds, fennel and anise can also serve as support.

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Nani, on November 5th, 2019, 5:48 pm
Have a question.

Whenever I eat peanuts the next day I have a bit of air in my stomach in the chair in the toilet corridor is a bit thin and yellowish. Is that normal or is there an allergy or something else where I have to be careful ????


Editorial staff:
If these symptoms keep happening after you've eaten peanuts, then you don't seem to be taking peanuts very well. What exactly is hidden behind this (allergy, intolerance), a doctor would have to diagnose more precisely.

Deri, on April 7th, 2019, 4:07 pm
So the same I have exactly the same symptoms I am now being tested for histamine intolerance.

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