What is your proudest political achievement

National pride

From report: Sabine Platzdasch, Volker Steinhoff, Stephan Stuchlik

Today our representatives in the Bundestag debated not only about J├╝rgen Trittin's misconduct. No, the CDU / CSU rewarmed the probably most nonsensical debate of the season: the German national feeling, the pride in our country. That was probably less to enrich the agonizing discussion with an intelligent contribution than to finally present itself as a people's party again. We really don't want to continue the already adequately held competition "Who is the proudest in the country", we just want to ask one question: How did this debate actually go down with those who are actually interested, who might be concerned - with traditionalists , among young people and also among young rights?

What is more German than a shooting club? The day before yesterday they were all in Berlin for the anniversary. You are proud of Germany.


"You can identify with it. And as long as I can identify with something, I can be proud of it. Otherwise I wouldn't identify with it, and then I wouldn't be proud of it either."

"I am proud of my people, overall.",

"I'm glad I'm a Bavarian, I won't say more."

Hamburg, the 12th grade of a grammar school. Community studies. Today's topic: the politicians' national pride debate.

Schoolchildren to do this:

"There are more important things that have to be regulated here in Germany in a political sense."

"I actually think the debate is superfluous. I think everyone should decide for themselves, it shouldn't be discussed in the Bundestag now."

"I believe the politicians, the way they put it in this way, I don't really believe them, because that's just the way it is: The statement is undifferentiated. It suggests: I'm proud to be German, but what it means pride for them, what does being German mean for them? Who is actually all German? "

Who is German? Ancestry, for example, hardly plays a role here. Many students take pride in society's accomplishments.


"Well, I have a German passport, I was born in Germany, and my mother comes from Iraq, my father is German. But I was born here and I also feel like a German. In a way, I'm already a patriot . I am thrilled when, for example, the Germans win in sport, when a German scientist or doctor develops drugs, then I am very proud of it. "

"I do think that pride is a matter of one's own achievement, and I haven't done anything for Germany, I'm still far too young to be able to say now that I've changed something or built something up. So I can't do anything with pride talk, I think. I can say I'm lucky to be a German. "

Student: "I am happy to live here, I am proud of the country, of course not what we have achieved in the past, not there."

Nobody here likes the Nazi past, the students are more interested in today's Germany, the present instead of the past.

Eisenach. They are also young, but otherwise they have little in common with the Hamburg high school students: real youth. Your creed: you are proud to be German.

Panorama: "Why are you proud to be German?"

Adolescent: "Because I'm proud to be born here." Panorama: "And just that or for certain specific things in Germany too?"

Adolescent: "Not really, just because I was born here, because I like the landscape and so on." Panorama: "What are you particularly proud of?"

Adolescent: "That I'm here and not anywhere else, abroad or whatever I know."

"I'm very proud of Germany. So my opinion - well, how should I explain it - shit."

"One can be proud of Germany quite simply through people like Lessing, Luther and whatever their names are now."

Whatever the name of these good Germans, whatever the fatherland is - the right wing knows much more precisely what they are up to with politicians who do not want to be proud Germans.

Adolescent: "In my opinion, such people should be locked up immediately. I think that it is already damaging to the German people if you literally impregnate the German people in the head that you don't have to be proud of your country, of your origins. So me I think they should be charged with breaking oath or treason. "

Panorama: "Also the Federal President?"

Adolescent: "Of course. Actually, in our opinion, everyone sitting in the Reichstag, all established politicians."

Anyone who is not proud to be German should be behind bars. A Germany in which such people roam freely is rejected by the right.

Adolescent: "We actually reject the current state completely, and we cannot be proud of this state because I would not think of anything that this government or the previous government under Mr. Kohl did. If we were proud of this state should and if the saying: "I am proud to be a German" would only be limited to the state, then we should all really be ashamed to be Germans. "

Nazis are ashamed of Germany today. Back then in the GDR, for example, everything was much better.


"The GDR is for us, so the GDR is the better Germany for us than the Federal Republic of Germany it is now. It was definitely also the more German Germany, and I think ..."

"Back then it wasn't called the Eastern Post or Soviet Occupation Zone Post, we still called it Deutsche Bahn, Reichsbahn, National People's Army. So there was still a certain national pride in the GDR."

Diffuse pride in the past, blind hatred of the German present.

The problem with pride. In a shooting club, things aren't that much easier, unless you're a shooter queen: "I'm proud that I'm a federal queen, not everyone can do that."

"What should I be proud of? That's a question, I can't give an answer to it."

"I don't understand why the whole debate," says another. - He's not alone there. Perhaps there is more serenity and a matter of course in dealing with this topic than many of our representatives assume. Perhaps we no longer need the recurring self-assurance.