What is your strangest dream

You know the game Crysis, don't you?

BEFORE the game appeared, or I had heard of it, I had dreams of such a special unit (I was a member. Was such an international reaction force) that has nano-suits and such, but also Iron-Man traits (weapons in the forearms, airworthy, etc) so we didn't have to carry any external weapons, everything was in suit. We could also create things or change our molecular structure with the help of the nanomachines, because they were not only in our suits, but also in our bodies. So we are ordered to a city in Japan (it was Osaka, I think) and we first like this ... "ok ... what are we supposed to do here" and then suddenly an onida demon comes out of an interdimensional gate and it is so over 100 m high and there are only 5 of us and have to flatten it (5, because one from each continent ). The fight lasted a long time (more than a day) but in the end we won and saved Japan .
It's so cool when you dream you have the ability to do everything you can imagine (thanks nanomachines; D) Because then you don't need luicidal dreams anymore

I wake up in the morning and I think like this: Someone should be able to make a game out of this! And I get to work and work out my idea (story, character) and then think, "No, you'd better make a comic out of it, it's faster" and I'm so happy about my cool idea, and that I will sell it too could, and a week later I stop Giga Games from Crysis ...

Whoa, I was mad at Crytek That was industrial espionage IN my head

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On the 8th day, God created the paratroopers and the devil was godfather.