Deet can repel mosquitoes What repels people

Mosquitoes love body odor

Now the mosquitoes are swarming out again. The pests don't bite everyone - they are based on body odor.

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What repels people is highly attractive to mosquitoes - Odor of sweat. Who the insects particularly like depends mainly on the individual note of the body odor. There are three main components that are important: lactic acid, ammonia and fatty acids.

The bloodsuckers can also smell hormones. Women are piked particularly often between the 13th and 18th day of their cycle. Presumably the then increased attracts Estrogen levels the mosquitoes. This could also be the reason why beer drinkers are also preferred to be “tapped” - the estrogen-like substances in hops could be attractants.

How to keep mosquitoes at a distance

Effective mosquito repellants offer so-called Repellents from the pharmacy. The deterrents can spoil the appetite of stinging insects for several hours. One of the most important active ingredients in repellents is DEET. Many years of practical experience show that DEET is good at repelling both diurnal and nocturnal biting insects - preparations with the active ingredient are therefore the means of choice in malaria-prone areas to keep Anopheles mosquitoes away, which transmit the malaria pathogen.

Those who want to be stung as little as possible should be given preference bright clothes wear. Loose garments are better than tight-fitting, and thick fabrics are naturally more puncture-resistant than thin ones. Most mosquito species are crepuscular - therefore it is advisable to take the evening walk before the afternoon if possible.

Listed on: May 30, 2016